Robert Warwick

Robert Warwick (1878 - 1964)

Robert Warwick, Actor: In a Lonely Place. A prominent matinée stage and silent-film star with handsome features offset only slightly by a prominent proboscis, Robert Warwick was born and raised in Sacramento, California, as Robert Taylor Bien. The gift of music was instilled at an early age (he sang in his church choir) and he initially prepared for an operatic career. Studying vocally in Paris, he abandoned legit singing for acting ...

Sacramento, California, USA
(85 let) West Los Angeles, California, USA
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84 Pán sedmi moří
Pán sedmi moří
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Soukromý život Alžběty a Essexe
79 Dobrodružství Robina Hooda
Dobrodružství Robina Hooda
71 Marie Stuartovna
Marie Stuartovna
75 The Prince and the Pauper
The Prince and the Pauper
The Sword of Monte Cristo
The Sword of Monte Cristo

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1941I Was a Prisoner on Devil's Islandfilm

1941Louisiana Purchasefilm

1941Sullivanovy cestyfilm

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1941This Englandfilm

1941Tvář ženyfilm

1940A Dispatch from Reuter'sfilm

1940Christmas in Julyfilm

1940Konga, the Wild Stallionfilm

1940Meat and Romancefilm

1940Mocný McGintyfilm

1940Murder in the Airfilm

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1939Almost a Gentlemanfilm

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1939Soukromý život Alžběty a Essexefilm

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1938Annabel Takes a Tourfilm

1938Army Girlfilm


1938Come On, Leathernecks!film

1938Dobrodružství Robina Hoodafilm

1938Gangster's Boyfilm

1938Going Placesfilm

1938Law of the Plainsfilm

1938Squadron of Honorfilm

1938The Spy Ringfilm

1937Counsel for Crimefilm

1937Fit for a Kingfilm

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1932Frisco Jennyfilm

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1932Silver Dollarfilm

1932So Big!film

1932The Dark Horsefilm

1932The Girl from Calgaryfilm

1932The Rich Are Always with Usfilm

1932The Secrets of Wu Sinfilm

1932The Woman from Monte Carlofilm


1931A Holy Terrorfilm

1931The Royal Bedfilm

1931Three Roguesfilm


1924The Spitfirefilm

1920Jack Strawfilm

1920The City of Masksfilm

1920The Fourteenth Manfilm

1920The Tree of Knowledgefilm

1920Thou Art the Manfilm

1919Adventure in Hearts, Anfilm

1919In Mizzourafilm

1919Secret Servicefilm

1919Told in the Hillsfilm

1918The Accidental Honeymoonfilm

1917Family Honor, Thefilm

1917Girl's Folly, Afilm

1917Hell Hath No Furyfilm

1917Mad Lover, Thefilm

1917Silent Master, Thefilm

1917The Argyle Casefilm

1916Fruits of Desirefilm

1916Heart of a Hero, Thefilm

1916The Supreme Sacrificefilm

1915Alias Jimmy Valentinefilm

1915An Indian Diamondfilm

1915Face in the Moonlight, Thefilm

1915The Flash of an Emeraldfilm

1915The Man Who Found Himselffilm

1914Man of the Hourfilm

1914The Dollar Markfilm

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