Lambert Hillyer

Lambert Hillyer (1889 - 1969)

Lambert Hillyer, Director: The Cisco Kid. A former journalist who came from a show-business family--his mother was actress Lydia Knott--western specialist Lambert Hillyer entered films in 1917. After becoming a director, he soon teamed up with cowboy actor William S. Hart for a series of westerns that resulted in making Hart a star, for which the actor--an old-fashioned man who never forgot a slight or a favor--always gave Hillyer credit...

South Bend, Indiana, USA
(79 let) Woodland Hills, California, USA
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72 Draculova dcera
Draculova dcera
56 The Batman
The Batman
Beyond the Sacramento
Beyond the Sacramento
King of Dodge City
King of Dodge City
The Royal Mounted Patrol
The Royal Mounted Patrol
Beyond the Pecos
Beyond the Pecos

1949Gun Law Justicefilm

1949Gun Runnerfilm

1949Haunted Trailsfilm

1949Range Landfilm

1949Riders of the Duskfilm

1949Trails Endfilm

1948Crossed Trailsfilm

1948Fighting Ranger, Thefilm

1948Frontier Agentfilm

1948Oklahoma Bluesfilm

1948Outlaw Brandfilm

1948Overland Trailsfilm

1948Partners of the Sunsetfilm

1948Range Renegadesfilm

1948Song of the Drifterfilm

1948The Sheriff of Medicine Bowfilm

1947Flashing Gunsfilm

1947Gun Talkfilm

1947Land of the Lawlessfilm

1947Prairie Expressfilm

1947Raiders of the Southfilm

1947The Case of the Baby Sitterfilm

1947The Hat Box Mysteryfilm

1947The Law Comes to Gunsightfilm

1947Trailing Dangerfilm

1947Valley of Fearfilm

1946Border Banditsfilm

1946Shadows on the Rangefilm

1946Silver Rangefilm

1946The Gentleman from Texasfilm

1946Trigger Fingersfilm

1946Under Arizona Skiesfilm

1945Beyond the Pecosfilm

1945Frontier Feudfilm

1945Lost Trail, Thefilm

1945Plamen západufilm

1945South of the Rio Grandefilm

1945Stranger from Santa Fefilm

1944Ghost Gunsfilm

1944Land of the Outlawsfilm

1944Law Menfilm

1944Partners of the Trailfilm

1944Range Lawfilm

1944Sundown Ridersfilm

1944West of the Rio Grandefilm

1943Fighting Frontierfilm

1943Gem Jamsfilm

1943Radio Runaroundfilm

1943Six Gun Gospelfilm

1943Smart Guyfilm

1943The Batmanfilm

1943The Stranger from Pecosfilm

1943The Texas Kidfilm

1942Devil's Trailfilm

1942North of the Rockiesfilm

1942Prairie Gunsmokefilm

1942The Devil's Trailfilm

1942Vengeance of the Westfilm

1941Hands Across the Rockiesfilm

1941King of Dodge Cityfilm

1941North from the Lone Starfilm

1941Pinto Kid, Thefilm

1941Prairie Strangerfilm

1941Roaring Frontiersfilm

1941The Medico of Painted Springsfilm

1941The Return of Daniel Boonefilm

1941The Royal Mounted Patrolfilm

1941The Son of Davy Crockettfilm

1941Thunder Over the Prairiefilm

1940Beyond the Sacramentofilm

1940The Durango Kidfilm

1940The Wildcat of Tucsonfilm

1939Convict's Codefilm

1939Girl from Riofilm

1939Should a Girl Marry?film


1938Gang Bulletsfilm

1938My Old Kentucky Homefilm

1938Women in Prisonfilm

1937All-American Sweetheartfilm

1937Girls Can Playfilm

1937Speed to Sparefilm

1936Dangerous Watersfilm

1936Draculova dcerafilm

1936The Invisible Rayfilm

1935Behind the Evidencefilm

1935Guard That Girlfilm

1935In Spite of Dangerfilm

1935Men of the Hourfilm


1935The Awakening of Jim Burkefilm

1934Against the Lawfilm

1934Men of the Nightfilm

1934Most Precious Thing in Lifefilm

1934Once to Every Womanfilm

1934One Is Guiltyfilm

1934The Defense Restsfilm

1934The Man Trailerfilm

1933Before Midnightfilm

1933Dangerous Crossroadsfilm

1933Master of Menfilm

1933Police Car 17film

1933The California Trailfilm

1933The Fighting Codefilm

1933Unknown Valleyfilm

1932Forbidden Trailfilm

1932Hello Troublefilm

1932One Man Lawfilm

1932South of the Rio Grandefilm

1932Sundown Riderfilm

1932The Fighting Foolfilm

1932White Eaglefilm

1931The Deadlinefilm

1930Beau Banditfilm

1928Branded Sombrero, Thefilm


1927Hills of Perilfilm

1927Chain Lightningfilm

1927The War Horsefilm

1926Her Second Chancefilm

1926Miss Nobodyfilm

192630 Below Zerofilm

1925I Want My Manfilm

1925The Knockoutfilm

1925The Making of O'Malleyfilm

1925The Unguarded Hourfilm

1924Barbara Frietchiefilm

1924Idle Tonguesfilm

1924Those Who Dancefilm

1923Eyes of the Forestfilm

1923Mile-a-Minute Romeofilm

1923Scars of Jealousyfilm

1923Temporary Marriagefilm

1923The Lone Star Rangerfilm

1923The Shockfilm

1923The Spoilersfilm

1922Caught Bluffingfilm

1922Skin Deepfilm

1922Super Sex, Thefilm

1922The Altar Stairsfilm

1922Travelin' onfilm

1922White Handsfilm

1921O'Malley of the Mountedfilm

1921The Whistlefilm

1921Three Word Brandfilm

1921White Oakfilm


1920The Cradle of Couragefilm

1920The Testing Blockfilm

1920The Toll Gatefilm

1919Breed of Menfilm

1919John Petticoatsfilm

1919Poppy Girl's Husband, Thefilm

1919Square Deal Sandersonfilm

1919Wagon Tracksfilm

1918Lion of the Hills, Thefilm

1918Riddle Gawnefilm

1917An Even Breakfilm


1917The Mother Instinctfilm

1917The Narrow Trailfilm

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