Milton Selzer

Milton Selzer (1918 - 2006)

Milton Selzer, Actor: Sid and Nancy. Possessing one of TV's more identifiable mugs, Jewish-American character actor Milton Selzer was here, there and everywhere in the 1960s and 1970s, playing a host of usually unsympathetic mobsters, gamblers, and crooks with a sad, almost pathetic quality in about every popular crime story offered, notably The Untouchables (1959), The Fugitive (1963), Hawaii Five-O (1968) and Mission: Impossible (...

Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
(87 let) Oxnard, California, USA
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71 Sid a Nancy
Sid a Nancy
77 Kozoroh 1
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73 Na sever Aljašky
Na sever Aljašky
51 Vyzvednutí Titaniku
Vyzvednutí Titaniku
82 Billie zpívá blues
Billie zpívá blues
75 Marnie

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1981People vs. Jean Harris, TheTV film

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1980Vyzvednutí Titanikufilm

1979Triangle Factory Fire Scandal, TheTV film

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1978The Evilfilm

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1977Jiný muž, jiná šancefilm

1977Kozoroh 1film

1976One of My Wives Is MissingTV film

1975Hey, I'm Alive!TV film

1975Mr. & Ms. and the Magic Studio MysteryTV film

1975The Abduction of Saint AnneTV film

1974Sex Symbol, TheTV film

1974This Is the West That WasTV film

1973Key WestTV film

1973Lie, TheTV film

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1972Awake and Sing!TV film

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1972JigsawTV film

1971Blood and Lacefilm

1971Sam Hill: Who Killed Mr. Foster?TV film

1970Along Came a SpiderTV film

1970Crowhaven FarmTV film

1968In Enemy Countryfilm

1968Legenda o Lylah Clarovéfilm

1966Vysoká hra pro pravou dámufilm

1965Cincinnati Kidfilm


1963Yellow Canary, Thefilm

1962The Farmer's DaughterTV film

1961The Young Savagesfilm

1960Fifth Column, TheTV film

1960Na sever Aljaškyfilm

1959The Last Milefilm

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