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Theresa Lee, Actress: Zi yu feng bao. Born in Hong Kong, Lee moved to Canada with her parents at a young age. After completing her education at a Canadian university, she decided to return to Hong Kong and compete in the city's "Miss Hong Kong" beauty pagent. Her acting career was given a head start after receiving second runner-up in the competition and she was subsequently offered many tv and movie roles.

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38 Syn draka
Syn draka
79 Zi yu feng bao
Zi yu feng bao
65 Velká ráže
Velká ráže
Fei yi ban ai qing xiao shuo
Fei yi ban ai qing xiao shuo
Jin zhi yu ye 2
Jin zhi yu ye 2
Zi shu
Zi shu

2015Xin Hong He Gufilm

2006Syn drakaTV film

2001Lunch with Charlesfilm

2000Yüeliang de mimifilm

1999Zi yu feng baofilm

1998B ji huafilm

1998Gu cheng bielianfilm

1998Chao shi kong yao aifilm

1997Fei yi ban ai qing xiao shuofilm

1997Shen tou die yingfilm

1997Ye ban san dian zhongfilm

1997Zi shufilm

1996Jin zhi yu ye 2film

1996Qi yi lu cheng zhi: Zhen xin ai sheng mingfilm

1996Shao nian 15/16 shifilm

1996Velká rážefilm

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