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Carol Lawrence, Self: The Match Game. Singer-actress Carol Lawrence earned widespread stardom quite early in her singing career with the immortal role of Maria in the Broadway musical "West Side Story." However, that success would not parlay into film stardom for Carol as established star Natalie Wood, in spite of the fact that she would need to be vocally dubbed by Marni Nixon, had the requisite clout to play Maria in the classic ...

Melrose Park, Illinois, USA
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The Girl, the Gold Watch & Dynamite
The Girl, the Gold Watch & Dynamite
81 Pohled z mostu
Pohled z mostu
60 Cizinec v domě
Cizinec v domě
50 Ach, ta láska
Ach, ta láska
Jacqueline Susanns Valley of the Dolls
Jacqueline Susanns Valley of the Dolls

1999To bývala doba mistrůTV film

1994Špatná pověstTV film

1993Ach, ta láskafilm

1981Girl, the Gold Watch & Dynamite, TheTV film

1981Jacqueline Susann's Valley of the DollsTV film

1978Cizinec v doměTV film

1978Three on a DateTV film

1968Kiss Me KateTV film

1964I'd Rather Be Richfilm

1962Pohled z mostufilm

1960RashomonTV film

1954New Faces of 1952film

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