Lew Meehan

Lew Meehan (1890 - 1951)

Lew Meehan, Actor: Back Fire. Lew Meehan (birthname James Llewellyn Meehan)was born September 7, 1890 in Red Lake Falls, Minnesota and died on August 10, 1951 in Los Angeles, California. His film career began in 1921 and ended in 1944, albeit he appears in a stock footage montage, as a police car driver (from "Waterfront Lady" (1935)) in 1947's "Dick Tracy Meets Grusome". His flat-and-crooked nose and morose appearance ...

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
(60 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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The Virginian
The Virginian
62 The Return of Frank James
The Return of Frank James
68 Annie Oakley
Annie Oakley
The Virtuous Sin
The Virtuous Sin
Triple Justice
Triple Justice
The Spiders Web
The Spiders Web

1947Dick Tracy Meets Gruesomea.z.

1944Mystery Manfilm

1944The Utah Kidfilm

1944Wells Fargo Daysfilm

1943Frontier Furyfilm

1941Across the Sierrasfilm

1941Bandit Trail, Thefilm

1941Lone Rider Rides On, Thefilm

1941Roaring Frontiersfilm


1941Six-Gun Goldfilm

1941The Son of Davy Crockettfilm

1941Tumbledown Ranch in Arizonafilm

1940Billy the Kid in Texasfilm

1940Bullet Codefilm

1940Law and Orderfilm

1940Ridin' the Trailfilm

1940Stage to Chinofilm

1940The Return of Frank Jamesfilm

1940The Shadowfilm

1940Triple Justicefilm

1939Cowboys from Texasfilm

1939Daughter of the Tongfilm

1939Flaming Leadfilm

1939Pal from Texas, Thefilm

1939Riders of Black Riverfilm

1939The Fighting Renegadefilm

1939The Lone Ranger Rides Againfilm

1938Code of the Rangersfilm

1938Gun Lawfilm

1938Gunsmoke Trailfilm

1938Heroes of the Hillsfilm

1938Panamint's Bad Manfilm

1938Phantom Rangerfilm

1938Rolling Caravansfilm

1938The Feud Makerfilm

1938The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickokfilm

1938The Spider's Webfilm

1938Thunder in the Desertfilm

1938Whirlwind Horsemanfilm

1937Arizona Gunfighterfilm

1937Boothill Brigadefilm

1937Doomed at Sundownfilm

1937Gun Lords of Stirrup Basinfilm

1937Guns in the Darkfilm

1937Lawman Is Born, Afilm

1937Lightnin' Crandallfilm

1937Melody of the Plainsfilm

1937Moonlight on the Rangefilm

1937One Man Justicefilm

1937Range Defendersfilm

1937Ridin' the Lone Trailfilm

1937Springtime in the Rockiesfilm

1937The Old Wyoming Trailfilm

1937The Rangers Step Infilm

1937The Red Ropefilm

1937The Roaming Cowboyfilm

1937Trail of Vengeancefilm


1937Westbound Mailfilm

1937Yodelin' Kid From Pine Ridgefilm

1936Black Goldfilm

1936California Mailfilm

1936Cowboy and the Kid, Thefilm

1936Dodge City Trailfilm

1936Fast Bulletsfilm

1936Feud of the Westfilm

1936Gun Ranger, Thefilm

1936Hopalong Cassidy Returnsfilm

1936Law and Leadfilm

1936Lawless Nineties, Thefilm

1936Oh, Susanna!film

1936Pekelná loďfilm

1936Roarin' Gunsfilm

1936The Black Coinfilm

1936The Cowboy Starfilm

1936The Fugitive Sherifffilm

1936The Unknown Rangerfilm

1936Three on the Trailfilm

1935Annie Oakleyfilm

1935Border Brigandsfilm

1935Cesta pouštífilm

1935Coyote Trailsfilm

1935Desert Mesafilm

1935Fighting Pioneersfilm

1935Gallant Defenderfilm

1935Gun Smokefilm

1935Last of the Clintonsfilm

1935Law Beyond the Rangefilm

1935Lightning Triggersfilm

1935Outlaw Rulefilm

1935Silent Valleyfilm

1935Stone of Silver Creekfilm

1935Texas Jackfilm

1935The Cactus Kidfilm

1935The Ivory-Handled Gunfilm

1935The Laramie Kidfilm

1935The Live Wirefilm

1935The Phantom Cowboyfilm

1935The Reckless Buckaroofilm

1935The Silver Bulletfilm

1935The Silver Bulletfilm

1935Unconquered Banditfilm

1935Wagon Trailfilm

1935Waterfront Ladyfilm

1934Among the Missingfilm

1934Burn 'Em Up Barnesfilm

1934Burn 'Em Up Barnesa.z.

1934Fighting Herofilm

1934Fighting Throughfilm

1934Frontier Daysfilm


1934Mystery Mountainfilm

1934Mystery Ranchfilm

1934Nevada Cyclonefilm

1934Prescott Kidfilm

1934Range Ridersfilm

1934Rawhide Mailfilm

1934Ridin' Thrufilm

1934Romance Revierfilm

1934The Fighting Rangerfilm

1934The Lost Junglea.z.

1934The Lost Junglefilm

1934The Man Trailerfilm

1934Wagon Wheelsfilm

1933Cross Firefilm

1933Černé esofilm

1933Fighting with Kit Carsonfilm

1933Phantom Thunderboltfilm

1933Silent Menfilm

1933Son of the Borderfilm

1933The Fighting Codefilm

1933The Lone Avengerfilm

1933The Wolf Dogfilm

1933The World Changesfilm


1933Unknown Valleyfilm

1932Afraid to Talkfilm

1932Forbidden Trailfilm

1932Hell-Fire Austinfilm

1932Heritage of the Desertfilm

1932Law and Orderfilm

1932Local Bad Man, Thefilm

1932One Man Lawfilm

1932Radio Patrolfilm


1932Texan, Thefilm

1932The Boiling Pointfilm

1932The Fighting Foolfilm

1932The Gay Caballerofilm

1932The Sunset Trailfilm

1932Thirteen Womenfilm


1932Whistlin' Danfilm

1931Air Eaglesfilm

1931Branded Menfilm

1931Cavalier of the Westfilm

1931Pocatello Kid, Thefilm

1931Range Feudfilm

1931Side Showfilm

1931The Fighting Sherifffilm

1931The Texas Rangerfilm

1931West of Cheyennefilm

1930Firebrand Jordanfilm

1930Hunted Menfilm

1930Men of the Northfilm

1930New Moonfilm

1930Pardon My Gunfilm

1930South of Sonorafilm

1930The Light of Western Starsfilm

1930The Virtuous Sinfilm

1930Those Who Dancefilm

1930Trails of Dangerfilm

1929Bad Men's Moneyfilm

1929Gun Lawfilm

1929Idaho Redfilm

1929Pride of Pawnee, Thefilm

1929Silent Sentinelfilm

1929The Virginianfilm

1929White Outlaw, Thefilm

1928King Cowboyfilm

1928Should Tall Men Marry?film

1928The Power of the Pressfilm

1928The Sky Riderfilm

1927Born to Battlefilm

1927Cactus Trailsfilm

1927Code of the Rangefilm

1927Thunderbolt's Tracksfilm

1927Where North Holds Swayfilm

1926Beyond All Oddsfilm

1926Desert's Toll, Thefilm

1926Desperate Game, Thefilm

1926Hair Trigger Baxterfilm

1926The Man from Oklahomafilm

1925Buried Goldfilm

1925Full Speedfilm

1925Iron Fist, Thefilm

1925Kit Carson Over the Great Dividefilm

1925Lord Jimfilm

1925Ridin' Rivalsfilm

1925Silent Sheldonfilm

1925The Empty Saddlefilm

1925Thundering Throughfilm

1925White Thunderfilm

1924Ace of the Lawfilm

1924Divoký západfilm

1924Eagle's Claw, Thefilm

1924Galloping Gallagherfilm

1924Jus' Travlin'film

1924Man from God's Countryfilm

1924Rainbow Rangersfilm

1924Ridgeway of Montanafilm

1924Thundering Romancefilm

1924Travelin' Fastfilm

1924Walloping Wallacefilm

1923The Greatest Menacefilm

1922Back Firefilm

1922Blazing Arrowsfilm

1922Daring Dangerfilm

1922Double Rewardfilm

1922The Radio Kingfilm

1921Crossing Trailsfilm

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