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Keith Ferguson, Actor: The LEGO Movie. After studying theatrical performance and creative writing at the University of the Pacific and University of Southern California, Ferguson worked behind the scenes in daytime television production while occasionally finding time to perform in local theatre productions and improvisation groups. Towards the end of his production career, he actively began his pursuit of a career in voice-over. In ...

Los Angeles, California, USA
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76 LEGO® příběh
LEGO® příběh
42 Ledová sezóna
Ledová sezóna
71 Burák v Tokiu
Burák v Tokiu
65 Burák v povětří
Burák v povětří
90 Robot Chicken: Star Wars
Robot Chicken: Star Wars
88 Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III
Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III

2016Elena a tajemství AvaloruTV film

2016Ledová sezónafilm

2014LEGO® příběhfilm

2012Time Travel Materfilm

2011Burák v povětřífilm

2010Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode IIITV film

2008Burák v Tokiufilm

2008Domov pro smyšlené kamarády: Na skok do fantazieTV film

2008Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode IITV film

2007Robot Chicken: Star WarsTV film

2006Ultimate Avengers: Konečná pomstafilm

2003Death of Batman, Thefilm

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