Carl Laemmle Jr.

Carl Laemmle Jr. (1908 - 1979)

Carl Laemmle Jr., Producer: All Quiet on the Western Front. Carl Laemmle Jr. was born on April 28, 1908 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Julius Laemmle. He was a producer and writer, known for Na západní fronte klid (1930), Bride of Frankenstein (1935) and Frankenstein (1931). He died on September 24, 1979 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Chicago, Illinois, USA
(71 let) Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Carl Laemmle Jr. oblíbené filmy

84 Neviditelný muž
Neviditelný muž
85 Na západní frontě klid
Na západní frontě klid
82 Frankensteinova nevěsta
Frankensteinova nevěsta
79 Frankenstein
73 Mumie
76 Dracula

1936Loď komediantůfilm

1935Frankensteinova nevěstafilm

1935Good Fairy, Thefilm

1935Mystery of Edwin Droodfilm

1935Remember Last Night?film

1935The Night Life of the Godsfilm

1935Transient Ladyfilm

1934Affairs of a Gentlemanfilm


1934Bombay Mailfilm

1934Cross Country Cruisefilm

1934Embarrassing Momentsfilm

1934Gift of Gabfilm

1934Half a Sinnerfilm

1934I'll Tell the Worldfilm

1934Imitation of Lifefilm

1934Let's Be Ritzyfilm

1934Love Birdsfilm

1934Madame Spyfilm

1934Občánku, co teď?film

1934One More Riverfilm

1934Poor Rich, Thefilm

1934The Crosby Casefilm

1934The Love Captivefilm

1934The Man Who Reclaimed His Headfilm

1934There's Always Tomorrowfilm

1934Uncertain Ladyfilm

1934Černá kočkafilm

1933Counsellor at Lawfilm

1933Destination Unknownfilm

1933Don't Bet on Lovefilm

1933Her First Matefilm

1933Horse Playfilm

1933King for a Nightfilm

1933Ladies Must Lovefilm

1933Laughter in Hellfilm

1933Lucky Dogfilm


1933Neviditelný mužfilm

1933Only Yesterdayfilm

1933Out All Nightfilm

1933Private Jonesfilm

1933Při světle svícífilm

1933S.O.S. Icebergfilm

1933Saturday's Millionsfilm

1933Secret of the Blue Roomfilm

1933Terror Trailfilm

1933The Big Cagefilm

1933The Cohens and Kellys in Troublefilm

1933The Kiss Before the Mirrorfilm

1933The Rustler's Roundupfilm

1932Afraid to Talkfilm

1932Air Mailfilm

1932Back Streetfilm

1932Destry Rides Againfilm

1932Doomed Battalionfilm

1932Fast Companionsfilm

1932Flaming Gunsfilm

1932Hidden Goldfilm

1932Law and Orderfilm


1932Murders in the Rue Morguefilm

1932My Pal, the Kingfilm

1932Night Worldfilm

1932Okay, America!film

1932Once in a Lifetimefilm

1932Racing Youthfilm

1932Radio Patrolfilm

1932Scandal for Salefilm

1932Steady Companyfilm

1932The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywoodfilm

1932The Impatient Maidenfilm

1932The Old Dark Housefilm

1932The Rider of Death Valleyfilm

1932The Texas Bad Manfilm

1932Tom Brown of Culverfilm

1932Unexpected Father, Thefilm

1931A House Dividedfilm



1931East of Borneofilm


1931Heaven on Earthfilm

1931Homicide Squadfilm

1931Iron Manfilm

1931Lasca of the Rio Grandefilm

1931Londýnský mostfilm

1931Many a Slipfilm



1931Strictly Dishonorablefilm

1931The Spirit of Notre Damefilm

1931Up for Murderfilm

1931Virtuous Husband, Thefilm

1931Špatná sestrafilm

1930A Lady Surrendersfilm

1930East Is Westfilm

1930Free Lovefilm

1930King of Jazzfilm

1930Little Accidentfilm

1930Na západní frontě klidfilm

1930Outside the Lawfilm

1930The Boudoir Diplomatfilm

1930The Cat Creepsfilm

1930The Cohens and the Kellys in Africafilm


1929College Lovefilm

1929Flying Highfilm

1929Hrdinové pekelfilm

1929On the Sidelinesfilm

1929One Hysterical Nightfilm

1929Smilin' Gunsfilm

1929Speeding Youthfilm

1929Varsity Drag, Thefilm

1928Calford in the Moviesfilm

1928Calford on Horsebackfilm

1928Calford vs. Redskinsfilm

1928Dear Old Calfordfilm

1928Junior Year, Thefilm

1928Kicking Throughfilm

1928Paddling Co-Edsfilm

1928The Bookworm Herofilm

1928The Winning Goalfilm

1927Around the Basesfilm

1927Breaking Recordsfilm

1927Crimson Colorsfilm

1927Dog of the Regiment, Afilm

1927Dude Desperado, Thefilm

1927Flashing Oarsfilm

1927Running Wildfilm

1927Running Wildfilm

1927Samson at Calfordfilm

1927Splashing Throughfilm

1927The Cinder Pathfilm

1927The Dazzling Co-Edfilm

1927The Fighting Finishfilm

1927The Fighting Spiritfilm

1927The Rambling Rangerfilm

1927The Relayfilm

1927The Winning Fivefilm

1927The Winning Punchfilm

1926Benson at Calfordfilm

1926Fighting to Winfilm

1926Making Goodfilm

1926The Last Lapfilm

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