David Thursby

David Thursby (1889 - 1977)

David Thursby, Actor: The Heiress. Thursby began acting at the dawn of the talkies. Spending much of his career at 20th Century Fox playing unbilled cameos, he remained active in films up to his retirement in 1957.

Cumberland, Anglie, Velká Británie
(88 let) Hollywood, California, USA
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David Thursby oblíbené filmy

84 Pán sedmi moří
Pán sedmi moří
68 Věčná Ambra
Věčná Ambra
79 Dobrodružství Robina Hooda
Dobrodružství Robina Hooda
84 Stateční kapitáni
Stateční kapitáni
84 Valčík na rozloučenou
Valčík na rozloučenou
96 The Little Minister
The Little Minister

1965Starr, First BasemanTV film

1960Twelve Hours to Killfilm

1957Until They Sailfilm

1957Zero Hour!film

1956The Swanfilm

1955Francis in the Navyfilm

1955It's a Dog's Lifefilm

1955The Virgin Queenfilm


1951Královská svatbafilm

1951Sealed Cargofilm


1949Challenge to Lassiefilm

1949My Own True Lovefilm

1949Rope of Sandfilm

1948A Woman's Vengeancefilm


1948Julia Misbehavesfilm

1948Lassie: Rodné stráněfilm

1948That Wonderful Urgefilm

1948The Three Musketeersfilm

1947Bulldog Drummond at Bayfilm


1947Mother Wore Tightsfilm

1947The Ghost and Mrs. Muirfilm

1947Thunder in the Valleyfilm

1947Věčná Ambrafilm


1946Sister Kennyfilm

1946The Locketfilm

1946The Verdictfilm

1946Vlčí žena v Londýněfilm


1945The Brighton Stranglerfilm

1945The House of Fearfilm

1945Tonight and Every Nightfilm

1944Frenchman's Creekfilm

1944Lost in a Haremfilm

1944Music in Manhattanfilm

1944Nic než osamělé srdcefilm

1944The Lodgerfilm

1944The Pearl of Deathfilm

1943Assignment in Brittanyfilm

1943Gangway for Tomorrowfilm

1943Immortal Sergeantfilm

1943Posvátné manželstvífilm

1943Thank Your Lucky Starsfilm

1943The Man from Down Underfilm

1943Thumbs Upfilm

1942Journey for Margaretfilm

1942Paní Miniverováfilm

1942The Black Swanfilm

1942The Undying Monsterfilm

1942This Above Allfilm

1941A Yank in the R.A.F.film

1941Burma Convoyfilm

1941Confirm or Denyfilm

1941International Squadronfilm

1941Rage in Heavenfilm

1941Scotland Yardfilm

1941Singapore Womanfilm

1941The Strawberry Blondefilm

1941They Met in Bombayfilm

1940A Dispatch from Reuter'sfilm

1940Adventure in Diamondsfilm

1940Arise, My Lovefilm

1940Down Argentine Wayfilm

1940Pán sedmi mořífilm

1940Pýcha a předsudekfilm

1940Skrytý nepřítelfilm

1940South of Suezfilm

1940The Bank Dickfilm

1940The Invisible Man Returnsfilm

1940Valčík na rozloučenoufilm

1939Bridal Suitefilm

1939Bulldog Drummond's Secret Policefilm

1939I'm from Missourifilm

1939Malá princeznafilm

1939Pack Up Your Troublesfilm

1939Rulers of the Seafilm

1939Sergeant Maddenfilm

1939The Light That Failedfilm

1939The Three Musketeersfilm

1939Tower of Londonfilm

1939Union Pacificfilm

1939We Are Not Alonefilm

1938Bulldog Drummond's Perilfilm

1938Dobrodružství Robina Hoodafilm

1938Falešný lordfilm


1938Mysterious Mr. Motofilm

1938Sergeant Murphyfilm

1938Speed to Burnfilm

1937Lancer Spyfilm

1937London by Nightfilm

1937Stateční kapitánifilm


1936Divot Diggersfilm

1936Down the Stretchfilm

1936Charlie Chan at the Race Trackfilm

1936Nobody's Foolfilm

1936San Franciscofilm

1936The Devil Is a Sissyfilm

1936The House of Secretsfilm

1936The Return of Sophie Langfilm

1935After Office Hoursfilm

1935Broadway Hostessfilm

1935Captain Bloodfilm

1935I Found Stella Parishfilm

1935Kardinál Richelieufilm

1935Princess O'Harafilm


1935Redheads on Paradefilm

1935The Gilded Lilyfilm

1935The Perfect Gentlemanfilm

1935Times Square Ladyfilm

1935Vlkodlak v Londýněfilm

1935Vzpoura na lodi Bountyfilm

1935Ženy a milenkyfilm

1934A Modern Herofilm

1934Death on the Diamondfilm

1934Evelyn Prenticefilm

1934The Keyfilm

1934The Little Ministerfilm

1934What Every Woman Knowsfilm

1929Smiling Irish Eyesfilm

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