Lynn A. Henderson

Lynn A. Henderson

Lyn Alicia Henderson, Actress: ER. Lyn Alicia Henderson is a native of Silver Spring, Maryland and a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park. A born entertainer, her first show stopping performance was at a talent show where she walked across the stage on her hands at the age of 7. By the age of 17 she earned her SAG card by booking the role of rich girl, Alexandria on a local television show called "In Our Lives" ...
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61 Kozy, kozy, kozičky
Kozy, kozy, kozičky
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Santa se žení
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Girl Play
57 Relic
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Srdcová trojka
32 Láska má pět písmen
Láska má pět písmen

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2007McBride: Vždy věrnýTV film

2005Santa se ženíTV film

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1997Kozy, kozy, kozičkyfilm


1993Srdcová trojkafilm

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