Howard Bretherton

Howard Bretherton (1890 - 1969)

Howard Bretherton, Director: The Stu Erwin Show. Former propman Howard Bretherton was one of the legion of unknown directors who made the films--mostly westerns--that generations of kids trudged to see at the Saturday afternoon matinées. Bretherton's long career as an action/western director began in the late 1920s and ended more than 25 years later. In between he ground out scores of cowboy flicks, action/adventure yarns, serials, and just ...

Tacoma, Washington, USA
(79 let) San Diego, California, USA
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The Prince Of Thieves
The Prince Of Thieves
West of Tombstone
West of Tombstone
The Showdown
The Showdown
Return of the Terror
Return of the Terror
Outlaws of the Desert
Outlaws of the Desert
The Girl Who Dared
The Girl Who Dared

1952Night Raidersfilm

1948Because of Evefilm

1948Story of Life, Thefilm

1948The Prince Of Thievesfilm


1947Ridin' Down the Trailfilm

1947Trail of the Mountiesfilm

1947Where the North Beginsfilm

1946The Trapfilm

1945Gun Smokefilm

1945Renegades of the Rio Grandefilm

1945The Big Show-Offfilm

1945The Monster and the Apefilm

1945The Navajo Trailfilm

1945The Topeka Terrorfilm

1945Who's Guilty?film

1944Hidden Valley Outlawsfilm

1944Law of the Valleyfilm

1944Outlaws of Santa Fefilm

1944The Girl Who Daredfilm

1944The San Antonio Kidfilm

1943Beyond the Last Frontierfilm

1943Bordertown Gun Fightersfilm

1943Carson City Cyclonefilm

1943Fugitive from Sonorafilm

1943Riders of the Rio Grandefilm

1943Santa Fe Scoutsfilm

1943The Man from the Rio Grandefilm

1943Wagon Tracks Westfilm

1943Whispering Footstepsfilm

1942Below the Borderfilm

1942Dawn on the Great Dividefilm

1942Down Texas Wayfilm

1942Ghost Town Lawfilm

1942Pirates of the Prairiefilm

1942Rhythm Paradefilm

1942Riders of the Westfilm

1942West of the Lawfilm

1942West of Tombstonefilm

1941In Old Coloradofilm

1941Outlaws of the Desertfilm

1941Riders of the Badlandsfilm

1941Sign of the Wolffilm

1941Twilight on the Trailfilm

1941You're Out of Luckfilm

1940Hidden Enemyfilm

1940Chasing Troublefilm

1940Laughing at Dangerfilm

1940Midnight Limitedfilm

1940On the Spotfilm

1940The Showdownfilm

1940Up in the Airfilm

1939Boys' Reformatoryfilm

1939Danger Flightfilm

1939Irish Luckfilm

1939Navy Secretsfilm

1939Sky Patrolfilm

1939Star Reporterfilm

1939Undercover Agentfilm

1938Tough Kidfilm

1938Wanted by the Policefilm

1937County Fairfilm

1937It Happened Out Westfilm

1937Secret Valleyfilm

1937Western Goldfilm

1936Call of the Prairiefilm

1936Heart of the Westfilm

1936King of the Royal Mountedfilm

1936The Girl from Mandalayfilm

1936The Leathernecks Have Landedfilm

1936Three on the Trailfilm

1936Wild Brian Kentfilm

1935Bar 20 Rides Againfilm

1935Cantante de Napoles, Elfilm


1935Hop-a-long Cassidyfilm

1935The Eagle's Broodfilm

1934Return of the Terrorfilm

1933Ladies They Talk Aboutfilm

1932Stop That Runfilm

1932The Match Kingfilm

1931Easy to Getfilm

1931Laugh It Offfilm

1931Once Over, Lightfilm

1931Pulling a Bonefilm

1930All for the Bandfilm

1930A Matter of Ethicsfilm

1930In Again, Out Againfilm

1930Isle of Escapefilm

1930Second Choicefilm

1929From Headquartersfilm

1929Greyhound Limited, Thefilm

1929Redeeming Sin, Thefilm

1929The Argyle Casefilm

1929The Time, the Place and the Girlfilm

1928Across the Atlanticfilm

1928Caught in the Fogfilm

1928Chorus Kid, Thefilm

1928Turn Back the Hoursfilm

1927Hills of Kentuckyfilm

1927One-Round Hoganfilm

1927The Black Diamond Expressfilm

1927The Bush Leaguerfilm

1927The Silver Slavefilm

1926While London Sleepsfilm

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