Andy Devine

Andy Devine (1905 - 1977)

Andy Devine, Actor: Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok. Rotund comic character actor of American films. Born Andrew Vabre Devine in Flagstaff, Arizona, the later-to-be Rotund comic character actor was raised in nearby Kingman, Arizona, the son of Irish-American hotel operator Thomas Devine and his wife Amy. Devine was an able athlete as a student and actually played semi-pro football under a phony name (Jeremiah Schwartz, often erroneously presumed to...

Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
(71 let) Orange, California, USA
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81 Přepadení
73 Jak byl dobyt Západ
Jak byl dobyt Západ
74 Cesta kolem světa za 80 dní
Cesta kolem světa za 80 dní
60 Archa Noemova
Archa Noemova
79 Muž, který zastřelil Liberty Valance
Muž, který zastřelil Liberty Valance
Montana Belle
Montana Belle

1977Oyaro nezumi no fushingina tabifilm

1977Whale of a Tale, Afilm

1976Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywoodfilm

1973Robin Hoodfilm

1970Myra Breckinridgeováfilm

1970SmokeTV film

1970The Over-the-Hill Gang Rides AgainTV film

1970The Phynxfilm

1969The Over-the-Hill GangTV film

1968The Road Hustlersfilm

1967The Ballad Of Josiefilm

1965Zebra in the Kitchenfilm

1963To je ale bláznivý světfilm

1962Jak byl dobyt Západfilm

1962Muž, který zastřelil Liberty Valancefilm

1961Dva jeli spolufilm

1960The Adventures of Huckleberry Finnfilm

1956Cesta kolem světa za 80 dnífilm

1955Pete Kelly's Bluesfilm

1955Phantom Trailsa.z.

1955The Matchmaking Marshala.z.

1955Timber Country Troublea.z.

1955Titled Tenderfoot, Thefilm

1954Marshals In Disguisea.z.

1954Outlaw's Sona.z.

1954Thunder Passfilm

1953Border City Rustlersa.z.

1953Island in the Skyfilm

1953Secret of Outlaw Flatsa.z.

1953Six Gun Decisiona.z.

1953Two Gun Marshala.z.

1952Behind Southern Linesa.z.

1952Ghost of Crossbones Canyon, Thea.z.

1952Montana Bellefilm

1952The Yellow Haired Kida.z.

1952Trail of the Arrowfilm

1951New Mexicofilm

1951Slaughter Trailfilm

1951The Red Badge of Couragefilm

1950Never a Dull Momentfilm

1950The Traveling Saleswomanfilm

1949The Last Banditfilm

1948Eyes of Texasfilm

1948Grand Canyon Trailfilm

1948Movies Are Adventurefilm

1948Night Time in Nevadafilm

1948Old Los Angelesfilm

1948The Far Frontierfilm

1948The Gallant Legionfilm

1948The Gay Rancherofilm

1948Under California Starsfilm

1947Bells of San Angelofilm

1947On the Old Spanish Trailfilm

1947Slave Girlfilm

1947Springtime in the Sierrasfilm

1947The Fabulous Texanfilm

1947The Michigan Kidfilm

1947The Vigilantes Returnfilm

1946Canyon Passagefilm

1945Frisco Salfilm

1945Frontier Galfilm


1945That's the Spiritfilm

1944Ali Baba a 40 loupežníkůfilm

1944Babes on Swing Streetfilm

1944Bowery to Broadwayfilm

1944Ghost Catchersfilm

1944Jdi za chlapcifilm

1943Corvette K-225film

1943Crazy Housefilm

1943Frontier Badmenfilm

1943Rhythm of the Islandsfilm

1942Between Us Girlsfilm

1942Danger in the Pacificfilm

1942Escape from Hong Kongfilm

1942Keeping Fitfilm

1942North to the Klondikefilm

1942Sin Townfilm


1942Top Sergeantfilm

1942Unseen Enemyfilm

1941A Dangerous Gamefilm

1941Badlands of Dakotafilm

1941Kráska z Nového Orleánsufilm

1941Lucky Devilsfilm

1941Men of the Timberlandfilm

1941Mutiny in the Arcticfilm

1941Raiders of the Desertfilm

1941Road Agentfilm

1941South of Tahitifilm

1941The Kid from Kansasfilm

1940Black Diamondsfilm

1940Buck Benny Rides Againfilm

1940Danger on Wheelsfilm

1940Hot Steelfilm

1940Little Old New Yorkfilm


1940The Devil's Pipelinefilm

1940The Leather Pushersfilm

1940Torrid Zonefilm

1940Trail of the Vigilantesfilm

1940When the Daltons Rodefilm


1939Legion of Lost Flyersfilm

1939Mutiny on the Blackhawkfilm

1939Never Say Diefilm


1939The Man from Montrealfilm

1939The Spirit of Culverfilm

1939Tropic Furyfilm

1938Dr. Rhythmfilm

1938Personal Secretaryfilm

1938Stíny v oblacíchfilm

1938Strange Facesfilm

1938Swing That Cheerfilm

1938The Stormfilm

1938Yellow Jackfilm

1937Double or Nothingfilm

1937Chicago hořífilm

1937The Road Backfilm

1937You're a Sweetheartfilm

1937Zrodila se hvězdafilm

1936Děvče z malého městafilm

1936Flying Hostessfilm

1936Mysterious Crossingfilm

1936Romeo a Juliefilm

1936The Big Gamefilm



1935Fighting Youthfilm

1935Hold 'Em Yalefilm

1935Chinatown Squadfilm

1935Straight from the Heartfilm

1935The Farmer Takes a Wifefilm

1935Way Down Eastfilm

1934Gift of Gabfilm

1934Hell in the Heavensfilm

1934Let's Talk It Overfilm

1934Million Dollar Ransomfilm

1934Poor Rich, Thefilm


1934The President Vanishesfilm


1934Wake Up and Dreamfilm

1933Doctor Bullfilm

1933Horse Playfilm

1933Chance at Heavenfilm

1933Midnight Maryfilm

1933Saturday's Millionsfilm

1933Song of the Eaglefilm

1933The Big Cagefilm

1933The Cohens and Kellys in Troublefilm

1932Destry Rides Againfilm

1932Fast Companionsfilm

1932Law and Orderfilm

1932Man from Yesterday, Thefilm

1932Man Wantedfilm

1932Radio Patrolfilm

1932The All-Americanfilm

1932The Impatient Maidenfilm

1932Three Wise Girlsfilm

1932Tom Brown of Culverfilm

1931Danger Islandfilm

1931Heroes of the Flamesfilm

1931The Criminal Codefilm

1931The Spirit of Notre Damefilm

1930A Soldier's Playthingfilm

1930Dames Ahoyfilm

1930Shooting Straightfilm

1929Flying Highfilm

1929Hot Stufffilm

1929Junior Luckfilm

1929The Divine Ladyfilm

1929Why Be Good?film

1928Archa Noemovafilm

1928Dvě mladá srdcefilm

1928Finders Keepersfilm

1928Naughty Babyfilm

1928Red Lipsfilm

1928That's My Daddyfilm

1928We Americansfilm

1927Around the Basesfilm

1927The Relayfilm

1926The Collegiansfilm

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