Phyllis Calvert
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Phyllis Calvert (1915 - 2002)

Phyllis Calvert, Actress: Mandy. Phyllis Hannah Bickle was born in Chelsea in 1915 and studied dancing at the Margaret Morris school of dance, until an injury forced her to give up dancing and turn instead to acting. Her 70 year film career began with a bit part in The Arcadians (1927) when she was just 12 years old. Along with over 40 movies, she had a successful stage career, spanning 1925 ('Crossings' with Ellen Terry) to ...

Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie
(87 let) Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie
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Phyllis Calvert oblíbené filmy

81 Twisted Nerve
Twisted Nerve
82 Mandy
71 Jaká to rozkošná válka!
Jaká to rozkošná válka!
67 Napříč jezerem
Napříč jezerem
75 Indiskrétní příběh
Indiskrétní příběh

1997Mrs. Dallowayfilm

1994Mazarinův drahokamTV film

1991Jute CityTV film

1988Napříč jezeremTV film

1988Žena, kterou milovalTV film

1987Death of a Heart, TheTV film

1986All Passion SpentTV film

1985A Month in the CountryTV film

1972Pebble Mill at Onefilm

1970Opři se o měfilm

1969Jaká to rozkošná válka!film

1968Twisted Nervefilm

1965Battle of the Villa Fiorita, Thefilm

1960Oscar Wildefilm

1958Indiskrétní příběhfilm

1958Lady Mislaid, Afilm

1958Young and the Guilty, Thefilm

1956Child in the Housefilm

1956It's Never Too Latefilm

1953The Netfilm


1951Appointment with Dangerfilm

1951Mr. Denning Drives Northfilm

1950The Woman with No Namefilm

1949Golden Madonna, Thefilm

1949My Own True Lovefilm

1948Zastávka smrtifilm

1947The Root of All Evilfilm

1947Time Out of Mindfilm

1946Kouzelný smyčecfilm

1946Lidé dvou světůfilm

1945Madonna of the Seven Moonsfilm

19453 sestryfilm

1944Fanny by Gaslightfilm

19442000 ženfilm

1943Muž v šedémfilm

1942The Young Mr. Pittfilm


1941Inspector Hornleigh Goes to Itfilm


1940Charley's Big-Hearted Auntfilm

1940Let George Do It!film

1940Neutral Portfilm

1940They Came by Nightfilm

1939Two Days to Livefilm

1935School for Starsfilm

1933Anne One Hundredfilm


1927The Arcadiansfilm

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