Bob Hope

Bob Hope (1903 - 2003)

Bob Hope, Actor: The Ghost Breakers. Comedian Bob Hope was born Leslie Townes Hope in Eltham, London, England, the fifth of seven sons of Avis (Townes), light opera singer, and William Henry Hope, a stonemason from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. His maternal grandmother was Welsh. Hope moved to Bristol before emigrating with his parents to the US in 1908. After some years on the stage as a dancer and comedian, he made his first film ...

Eltham, Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie
(100 let) Toluca Lake, California, USA
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Bob Hope oblíbené filmy

85 Příběh pěšáka G.I. Joe
Příběh pěšáka G.I. Joe
82 Elvis: Takhle to je!
Elvis: Takhle to je!
82 Son of Paleface
Son of Paleface
73 Špióni jako my
Špióni jako my
Star Spangled Rhythm
Star Spangled Rhythm
82 The Cat and the Canary
The Cat and the Canary

2014America's Clown: An Intimate Biography of Red Skeltona.z.

1995Young ComediansTV film

1994Bob Hope Christmas Show: Hopes for the Holidays, TheTV film

1994Radio Star - die AFN-Storyfilm

1994That Little Monsterfilm

1994Young Comedians: Making America LaughTV film

1993Stand Up Life, ATV film

1992Comedy in BloomTV film

1987Emmanuel Lewis: My Very Own ShowTV film

1986Dokonalá vraždaTV film

1985Bob Hope Buys NBC?TV film

1985Špióni jako myfilm

1981Bob Hope Comedy Special, TheTV film

1981Bob Hope Funny Valentine Special, TheTV film

1981Elvis: Takhle to je!a.z.

1981George Burns' Early, Early, Early Christmas SpecialTV film

1980Bob Hope's All-Star Birthday PartyTV film

1980Lucy Moves to NBCTV film

1980Where Have All the Children GoneTV film

1979The Muppet Moviefilm

1977George Burns One-Man Show, TheTV film

1976JoysTV film

1972Cancel My Reservationfilm

1970Jack Benny's Twentieth Anniversary SpecialTV film

1969How to Commit Marriagefilm

1969RobertaTV film


1967Osm na útěkufilm

1966Bob Hope Vietnam Christmas Show, TheTV film

1966S mojí ženou ne!film

1966Špatné číslofilm

1966The Oscarfilm

1965Bob Hope Christmas ShowTV film

1965Cesta do Švédskafilm

1965Jack Benny Hour, TheTV film

1964A Global Affairfilm

1963Call Me Bwanafilm

1963Vlastní žena se nekritizujefilm

1962The Road to Hong Kongfilm

1961Bachelor in Paradisefilm

1961Bing Crosby Show, TheTV film

1960Fakta životafilm

1959Alias Jesse Jamesfilm

1959Five Pennies, Thefilm

1958Pařížské prázdninyfilm

1957Beau Jamesfilm

1957The Edsel ShowTV film

1956Iron Petticoat, Thefilm

1956Showdown at Ulcer Gulchfilm

1956That Certain Feelingfilm

1955The Seven Little Foysfilm

1954Casanova's Big Nightfilm

1954Screen Snapshots: Hollywood's Invisible Manfilm

1953Here Come the Girlsfilm

1953Off Limitsfilm

1953Scared Stifffilm

1952Největší představení na světěfilm

1952Road to Balifilm

1952Screen Snapshots: Hollywood on the Ballfilm

1952Son of Palefacefilm

1951My Favorite Spyfilm

1951The Lemon Drop Kidfilm

1950Fancy Pantsfilm

1949Sorrowful Jonesfilm

1949The Great Loverfilm

1948Bledá tvářfilm

1947KTLA PremiereTV film

1947Má oblíbená brunetkafilm

1947Road to Riofilm

1947Variety Girlfilm

1947Where There's Lifefilm

1946Monsieur Beaucairefilm

1945Příběh pěšáka G.I. Joefilm

1945Road to Utopiafilm

1945The All-Star Bond Rallyfilm

1944Princezna a pirátfilm

1943Let's Face Itfilm

1943Na titulní stráncefilm


1942Bob's Busy Dayfilm

1942My Favorite Blondefilm

1942Road to Moroccofilm

1942Star Spangled Rhythmfilm

1941Caught in the Draftfilm

1941Louisiana Purchasefilm

1941Nothing But the Truthfilm

1941Road to Zanzibarfilm

1940Road to Singaporefilm

1940Screen Snapshots Series 19, No. 6film

1940The Ghost Breakersfilm

1939Never Say Diefilm

1939Some Like It Hotfilm

1939The Cat and the Canaryfilm

1938College Swingfilm

1938Don't Hook Nowfilm

1938Give Me a Sailorfilm

1938Thanks for the Memoryfilm

1938The Big Broadcast of 1938film

1936Calling All Tarsfilm

1936Shop Talkfilm

1935Double Exposurefilm

1935Old Grey Mayor, Thefilm

1935Soup for Nutsfilm

1935Watch the Birdiefilm

1934Going Spanishfilm

1934Paree, Pareefilm

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