Henry Daniell

Henry Daniell (1894 - 1963)

Henry Daniell, Actor: The Great Dictator. London-born Henry Daniell began his career on the British stage, and continued it on the Broadway stage when he emigrated to the US. He entered films in 1929, and excelled at playing the suave, well-bred villain who could kill an enemy or start a war with a certain air of upper-class disdain, as if all of this effort was beneath him. His long and distinguished career ended in 1963, when he ...

Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie
(69 let) Santa Monica, California, USA
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86 My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady
86 Diktátor
84 Pán sedmi moří
Pán sedmi moří
94 Song of Love
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77 Marie Antoinetta
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72 Jana Eyrová
Jana Eyrová

1964My Fair Ladyfilm

1962Five Weeks in a Balloonfilm

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1950Buccaneer's Girlfilm

1949Siren of Atlantisfilm

1949The Secret of St. Ivesfilm

1948Wake of the Red Witchfilm

1947Song of Lovefilm

1947The Exilefilm

1946Angel StreetTV film

1946The Bandit of Sherwood Forestfilm

1945Captain Kiddfilm

1945Dáma v zelenémfilm

1945Hotel Berlinfilm

1945Vykradač hrobůfilm

1944Scotland Yard zasahujefilm

1943Jana Eyrováfilm

1943Mission to Moscowfilm

1943Sherlock Holmes in Washingtonfilm

1943Watch on the Rhinefilm

1942Castle in the Desertfilm

1942Four Jacks and a Jillfilm


1942Reunion in Francefilm

1942Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terrorfilm

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1941Dressed to Killfilm

1941The Feminine Touchfilm

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1940All This, and Heaven Toofilm


1940Pán sedmi mořífilm

1940Příběh z Filadelfiefilm

1939Soukromý život Alžběty a Essexefilm

1939We Are Not Alonefilm


1938Marie Antoinettafilm

1937Indické mystériumfilm

1937Madame Xfilm

1937The Fireflyfilm

1937Under Cover of Nightfilm

1936Dáma s kaméliemifilm

1936The Unguarded Hourfilm

1934Path of Glory, Thefilm

1930Last of the Lone Wolf, Thefilm

1929Awful Truth, Thefilm


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