Morris Ankrum

Morris Ankrum (1897 - 1964)

Morris Ankrum, Actor: Earth vs. the Flying Saucers. A graduate of the University of Southern California School of Law, Morris Ankrum was an attorney and an economics professor before switching careers and joining the theater. He was a veteran stage actor by the time he entered the film industry in the 1930s. His film career spanned from 1933 to 1965 in which played in 276 films and TV shows. Ankrum spent much time in westerns, playing everything ...

Danville, Illinois, USA
(67 let) Pasadena, California, USA
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Morris Ankrum oblíbené filmy

73 Roxie Hart
Roxie Hart
78 Moře trávy
Moře trávy
59 Apač
72 Taza, Son of Cochise
Taza, Son of Cochise
79 Třicet vteřin nad Tokiem
Třicet vteřin nad Tokiem
Bad Men of Tombstone
Bad Men of Tombstone

1964Guns of Diablofilm

1963Muž s röntgenovýma očimafilm

1962Tower of Londonfilm

1961Most Dangerous Man Alivefilm

1961The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Comefilm

1958Badman's Countryfilm

1958Curse of the Faceless Manvyp.

1958Džúdžin jukiotokofilm

1958From the Earth to the Moonfilm

1958Frontier Gunfilm

1958Giant from the Unknownfilm

1958How to Make a Monsterfilm

1958Power of the Resurrection, Thefilm

1958Tarawa Beachheadfilm

1958The Saga of Hemp Brownfilm

1958Twilight for the Godsfilm

1958Young and Wildfilm

1957Beginning of the Endfilm


1957Hell's Crossroadsfilm


1957Omar Khayyamfilm

1957The Giant Clawfilm

1957Zombies of Mora Taufilm

1956Death of a Scoundrelfilm

1956Down Liberty Roadfilm

1956Fury at Gunsight Passfilm

1956Naked Gunfilm

1956Quincannon, stopař z pohraničífilm

1956The Desperados Are in Townfilm

1956UFO útočí!film

1956Walk the Proud Landfilm

1956When Gangland Strikesfilm


1955Duel on the Mississippifilm

1955Chief Crazy Horsefilm

1955Jupiter's Darlingfilm

1955Last Command, Thefilm

1955Many Rivers to Crossfilm

1955No Man's Womanfilm

1955Silver Star, Thefilm

1955Tennessee's Partnerfilm

1955The Eternal Seafilm


1954Cattle Queen of Montanafilm

1954Cesta na jihozápadfilm

1954Drums Across the Riverfilm

1954For the DefenseTV film

1954Silver Lodefilm

1954Taza, Son of Cochisefilm

1954The Outlaw Stallionfilm

1954The Saracen Bladefilm

1954The Steel Cagefilm

1954Three Young Texansfilm

1954Two Guns and a Badgefilm

1954Vera Cruzfilm


1953Devil's Canyonfilm

1953Flight Nursefilm

1953Fort Vengeancefilm

1953Invaders from Marsfilm

1953Mexican Manhuntfilm

1953Sky Commandofilm

1953The Man Behind the Gunfilm

1953The Moonlighterfilm

1952And Now Tomorrowfilm

1952Because of Youfilm

1952Fort Osagefilm


1952Law of the Triggera.z.


1952Red Planet Marsfilm

1952Son of Ali Babafilm

1952The Raidersfilm

1952Three for Bedroom Cfilm

1951Along the Great Dividefilm

1951Fighting Coast Guardfilm

1951Flight to Marsfilm

1951Lion Hunters, Thefilm

1951My Favorite Spyfilm

1951Redhead and the Cowboy, Thefilm

1951Tomorrow Is Another Dayfilm


1950Na opuštěném místěfilm

1950Prokletí nepláčoufilm

1950Rocketship X-Mfilm

1950Short Grassfilm

1950Southside 1-1000film

1950Stříbrný bleskfilm

1949Bad Men of Tombstonefilm

1949Colorado Territoryfilm

1949Slattery's Hurricanefilm

1949The Fountainheadfilm

1949We Were Strangersfilm

1948Alias a Gentlemanfilm

1948Fabulous Fraud, Thefilm

1948Fighting Backfilm

1948For the Love of Maryfilm

1948Johanka z Arcufilm

1948Souvenirs of Deathfilm


1947Dáma v jezeřefilm

1947Desire Mefilm

1947Good Newsfilm

1947High Wallfilm

1947Little Mister Jimfilm

1947Merton of the Moviesfilm

1947Moře trávyfilm

1947Really Important Person, Afilm

1947Song of the Thin Manfilm

1947The Mighty McGurkfilm

1947Undercover Maisiefilm

1946Cockeyed Miracle, Thefilm

1946Odvážná Lassiefilm

1946Pošťák vždy zvoní dvakrátfilm

1946The Harvey Girlsfilm


1946Zelená létafilm


1945Fall Guyfilm

1945Hidden Eye, Thefilm

1945Phantoms, Inc.vyp.

1945Purity Squadfilm

1945The Thin Man Goes Homefilm

1944Barbary Coast Gentfilm

1944Dark Shadowsfilm

1944Gentle Anniefilm

1944Important Businessfilm


1944Main Street Todayfilm

1944Marriage Is a Private Affairfilm

1944Meet the Peoplefilm

1944Radio Bugsfilm


1944Return From Nowherefilm

1944See Here, Private Hargrovefilm

1944The Heavenly Bodyfilm

1944Třicet vteřin nad Tokiemfilm

1943Assignment in Brittanyfilm

1943Best Foot Forwardfilm

1943Dixie Duganfilm

1943I Dood Itfilm

1943Let's Face Itfilm

1943Lidská komediefilm

1943Swing Feverfilm

1943The Cross of Lorrainefilm

1943Whistling in Brooklynfilm

1942Historky z metropolefilm

1942Reunion in Francefilm

1942Ride 'Em Cowboyfilm

1942Roxie Hartfilm

1942Ten Gentlemen from West Pointfilm

1942Tennessee Johnsonfilm

1942The Loves of Edgar Allan Poefilm

1942The Omaha Trailfilm

1942Time to Killfilm

1941Bandit Trail, Thefilm

1941Border Vigilantesfilm

1941Doomed Caravanfilm

1941Cheers for Miss Bishopfilm

1941In Old Coloradofilm

1941I Wake Up Screamingfilm

1941Pirates on Horsebackfilm

1941Road Agentfilm

1941The Roundupfilm

1941This Woman Is Minefilm

1941Wide Open Townfilm

1940Buck Benny Rides Againfilm

1940Cherokee Stripfilm

1940Knights of the Rangefilm

1940The Light of Western Starsfilm

1940The Showdownfilm

1940Three Men from Texasfilm


1937Hills of Old Wyomingfilm

1937North of the Rio Grandefilm

1937Rustler's Valleyfilm

1936Hopalong Cassidy Returnsfilm

1936Trail Dustfilm

1934Stand Up and Cheer!film

1933Reunion in Viennafilm

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