Warner Anderson

Warner Anderson (1911 - 1976)

Warner Anderson, Actor: The Lineup. Starting out as a child actor in silent films--he made his film debut at five years of age in The Sunbeam (1916), but didn't make another film for almost 30 years, in 1943's This Is the Army (1943)--Warner Anderson appeared in burlesque and vaudeville as a teenager, and enjoyed a career in Broadway plays. His no-nonsense demeanor and commanding voice served him well in playing corporate ...

Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
(65 let) Santa Monica, California, USA
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Warner Anderson oblíbené filmy

80 Džungle před tabulí
Džungle před tabulí
81 Operace Burma
Operace Burma
80 Lineup
71 Násilní muži
Násilní muži
73 Destination Moon
Destination Moon
76 High Wall
High Wall

1969Gidget Grows UpTV film

1964Rio Conchosfilm

1961Armored Commandfilm


1955A Lawless Streetfilm

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1954City Storyfilm

1954Drum Beatfilm

1954Ordeal of Thomas Jefferson, TheTV film

1954Vzpoura na lodi Cainefilm

1954Yellow Tomahawk, Thefilm

1953A Lion Is in the Streetsfilm

1953The Last Possefilm

1952Star, Thefilm


1951Detektivní příběhfilm

1951Guest, Thefilm

1951Only the Valiantfilm

1951Riskuj všechno!film

1951Santa Fefilm

1951The Blue Veilfilm

1950Destination Moonfilm

1949The Doctor and the Girlfilm

1949The Lucky Stifffilm

1948Alias a Gentlemanfilm

1948Command Decisionfilm

1948Tenth Avenue Angelfilm

1947Dark Delusionfilm

1947High Wallfilm

1947Song of the Thin Manfilm

1947The Arnelo Affairfilm

1947The Beginning or the Endfilm

1946Bad Bascombfilm

1946Faithful in My Fashionfilm

1946My Reputationfilm

1946Three Wise Foolsfilm

1945Abbott and Costello in Hollywoodfilm

1945Dangerous Partnersfilm

1945Her Highness and the Bellboyfilm

1945Operace Burmafilm

1945Week-End at the Waldorffilm

1944Trial by Triggerfilm

1943Oklahoma Outlawsfilm

1943Směr Tokiofilm

1943This Is the Armyfilm

1916The Sunbeamfilm

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