Nell O'Day (1909 - 1989)

Nell O'Day, Actress: Thundering Trails. Born in Prairie Hill, Texas, in 1909, lovely Nell O'Day had the obvious breeding credentials to become a leading lady of westerns. She began as a child dancer in the early 1920s, later performing with the Tommy Atkins Sextet. This led to a part in the early musical King of Jazz (1930) and the stage play "Fine and Dandy" with dancer Eleanor Powell....

Prairie Hill, Texas, USA
(79 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Theres One Born Every Minute
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Saturdays Children
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Mystery of Marie Roget
61 Buck Privates
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Pony Post
Back Street
Back Street

1957Hope That Jack Built, Thefilm

1949Western Feud!a.z.

1946Story of Kenneth W. Randall, M.D., Thefilm

1943Boss of Rawhidefilm

1943The Return of the Rangersfilm

1943Thundering Trailsfilm

1942Arizona Stage Coachfilm

1942Mystery of Marie Rogetfilm

1942Perils of the Royal Mountedfilm

1942Pirates of the Prairiefilm

1942Stagecoach Buckaroofilm

1942There's One Born Every Minutefilm

1942You're Telling Mefilm

1941Arizona Cyclonefilm

1941Back Streetfilm

1941Buck Privatesfilm

1941Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairiefilm

1941Double Datefilm

1941Fighting Bill Fargofilm

1941Hello, Suckerfilm

1941Law of the Rangefilm

1941Man From Montanafilm

1941Never Give a Sucker an Even Breakfilm

1941Nice Girl?film

1941Rawhide Rangersfilm

1941Sing Another Chorusfilm

1941The Masked Riderfilm

1940Boss of Bullion Cityfilm

1940Flight Angelsfilm

1940Law and Orderfilm

1940Pony Postfilm

1940Ragtime Cowboy Joefilm

1940Saturday's Childrenfilm

1940Son of Roaring Danfilm

1937Captain Blue Bloodfilm

1935Convention Girlfilm

1935Serves You Rightfilm

1935Watch the Birdiefilm

1934The Road to Ruinfilm

1934This Side of Heavenfilm

1934Woman in the Darkfilm

1933Hooks and Jabsfilm

1933Knight Dutyfilm

1933Roaming Romeofilm

1933Smoke Lightningfilm

1933Tied for Lifefilm

1932Rackety Raxfilm

1930King of Jazzfilm


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