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Stefanie Powers, Actress: McLintock!. Stefanie Powers, a graduate of Hollywood High, is a veteran of over 200 television appearances as well as the star of ABC's '80s hit Hart to Hart (1979). At the early age of 15, Stefanie was signed to a movie deal with Columbia Pictures and labeled as one of the brightest up-and-coming stars in America. After a relatively short stint in films, Stefanie took a break from Hollywood for almost five ...

Hollywood, California, USA
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Stefanie Powers oblíbené filmy

78 Podvod
44 Jízda sedmi statečných
Jízda sedmi statečných
61 Příběh vojáka
Příběh vojáka
Survive the Night
Survive the Night
64 Dostavník
53 Nepsaná romance
Nepsaná romance

2014Nepsaná romanceTV film

2014Ring by SpringTV film

2013Reading Writing & RomanceTV film

2010Příběh vojákaTV film

2008Smrt v horáchfilm

2000Someone Is WatchingTV film

1996Hart a Hartová: Dokud nás smrt nerozdělíTV film

1996Hart a Hartová: Hartovi uprostřed sezonyTV film

1995Hart a Hartová: Dvě srdce v tříčtvrtečním taktuTV film

1995Hart a Hartová: Tajemství srdceTV film

1994Dobrý král VáclavTV film

1994Hart a Hartová: Staré přátelství neumíráTV film

1994Hart a Hartová: Zločiny z vášněTV film

1994Hart to Hart: Home Is Where the Hart IsTV film

1993Hart a Hartová: NávratyTV film

1993Survive the NightTV film

1992Burden of Proof, TheTV film

1990When Will I Be Loved?TV film

1989Love and BetrayalTV film

1988Beryl Markham: A Shadow on the SunTV film

1988Předurčena k vražděTV film

1987At Mother's RequestTV film

1986MaggieTV film

1985PodvodTV film

1984Rodinná tajemstvíTV film

1979Hart to HartTV film

1979Útěk do Aténfilm

1978Death in Canaan, ATV film

1978Nowhere to RunTV film

1977Never Con a KillerTV film

1976Invisible Stranglerfilm

1976Return to EarthTV film

1976The Man InsideTV film

1975Gone with the Westfilm

1975It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Timefilm

1975Secret of Bigfoot, TheTV film

1975Sky HeistTV film

1974Herbie a stará dámafilm

1974ManhunterTV film

1974Night GamesTV film

1974Shootout in a One-Dog TownTV film

1974Skyway to DeathTV film

1973Topper ReturnsTV film

1972HardcaseTV film

1972Jízda sedmi statečnýchfilm

1972Není kam uniknoutTV film

1971Ellery Queen: Don't Look Behind YouTV film

1971Five Desperate WomenTV film

1971Paper ManTV film

1971Sweet, Sweet RachelTV film


1970Přesnídávka s diamantyfilm

1967Flash 04film

1967Warning Shotfilm


1965Die! Die! My Darling!film

1965Love Has Many Facesfilm

1965Young Sinner, Thefilm

1964The New Internsfilm


1963Palm Springs Weekendfilm

1963Swingin' TogetherTV film

1962Experiment in Terrorfilm

1962Když muž zvedne telefonfilm

1962The Internsfilm

1961Like Father Like Sonfilm

1961Tammy Tell Me Truefilm

1960Among the Thornsfilm

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