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Feihong Yu, Actress: Ai you lai sheng. Feihong Yu is a young Chinese actress, best known to Americans for her highlight role in "The Joy Luck Club" as "Ying Ying", the young mother who drowns her baby after being betrayed by her husband. She was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. The daughter of nuclear engineers, Faye was trained from age six in Chinese Classical Dance. She ...

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Čína
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85 Superfights
60 Tai ping lun: Bi an
Tai ping lun: Bi an
59 Sheng si lian
Sheng si lian
77 Klub šťastných žen
Klub šťastných žen
63 Wu kong chuan
Wu kong chuan
Bei Jing le yu lu
Bei Jing le yu lu

2017Wu kong chuanfilm

2016Guo Nian Haofilm

2015Tai ping lun: Bi anfilm

2014Sheng si lianfilm

2010Ai chu sefilm

2009Ai you lai shengfilm

2007Thousand Years of Good Prayers, Afilm

2001Bei Jing le yu lufilm

2001Xin shi zi jie toufilm


1994Tian yu difilm

1993Beijing za zhongfilm

1993Klub šťastných ženfilm

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