Victor Maddern (1926 - 1993)

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Seven Kings, Anglie, Velká Británie
(67 let) Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie
Victor Maddern csfd

Victor Maddern oblíbené filmy

71 Dunkirk
79 Cromwell
75 Operace Frankton
Operace Frankton
71 Exodus
68 Kolem světa za 80 dní
Kolem světa za 80 dní
75 Potopte Bismarck!
Potopte Bismarck!

1992Žabák Freddiefilm

1990Hlas srdceTV film

1990Sweet Nothingfilm

1989Kolem světa za 80 dníTV film

1988Defrosting the FridgeTV film

1987Beiderbecke Tapes, TheTV film

1985Miss Marple: The Moving FingerTV film

1978Carry On Emmannuellefilm

1973Digby, the Biggest Dog in the Worldfilm

1973Steptoe and Sonfilm

1971Hole Lot of Trouble, Afilm

1971That's All We Needfilm


1970The Bushbabyfilm

1969Kouzelný Kristiánfilm

1968Chitty Chitty Bang Bangfilm

1968Decline and Fall... of a Birdwatcherfilm

1968Lost Continent, Thefilm

1968Talk of the Devilfilm

1967Cuckoo Patrolfilm

1967Magnificent Two, Thefilm

1967Run Like a Thieffilm

1966Rätsel des silbernen Dreieck, Dasfilm

1965Hledá se Bunny Lakeováfilm

1965Rotten to the Corefilm

1964Carry On Cleofilm

1964Carry On Spyingfilm

1962H.M.S. Defiantfilm

1961Carry On Regardlessfilm

1961On the Fiddlefilm

1961Petticoat Piratesfilm

1961Raising the Windfilm

1961Watch Your Sternfilm

1960Carry On, Constablefilm

1960Crossroads to Crimefilm


1960Let's Get Marriedfilm

1960Light Up the Sky!film

1960Potopte Bismarck!film

1959I'm All Right Jackfilm

1959Please Turn Overfilm

1959Siege of Pinchgut, Thefilm

1958Blood of the Vampirefilm

1958Carve Her Name with Pridefilm

1958Cat and Mousefilm


1958I Was Monty's Doublefilm

1958The Safecrackerfilm

1958The Square Pegfilm

1958Štastná nevěstafilm

1957Face in the Nightfilm

1957Loď dobré pohodyfilm

1957Opusťte letadlofilm

1957Saint Joanfilm

1957Seven Waves Awayfilm

1957Son of a Strangerfilm

1957Stranger's Meetingfilm

1956A Hill in Koreafilm

1956Child in the Housefilm

1956The Last Man to Hang?film

1956Vojínův postupfilm


1955Footsteps in the Fogfilm

1955It's a Great Dayfilm

1955Josephine and Menfilm

1955Night My Number Came Up, Thefilm

1955Operace Franktonfilm

1955Raising a Riotfilm

1955The End of the Affairfilm

1954The Sea Shall Not Have Themfilm

1953Malta Storyfilm


1953Street of Shadowsfilm

1953Terror on a Trainfilm

1953The Good Beginningfilm

1952Angels One Fivefilm

1952His Excellencyfilm

1952Planter's Wife, Thefilm

1952Top Secretfilm

1951Pool of Londonfilm

1951The House in the Squarefilm

1950Ranní vyplutífilm

1950Seven Days to Noonfilm

1950The Franchise Affairfilm

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