Viola Dana (1897 - 1987)

Viola Dana, Actress: Two Sisters. Viola Dana (real name Virginia Flugrath) was born in Brooklyn, NY, on June 26, 1897. She was the middle sister of three sisters (the other two were Edna Flugrath and Shirley Mason). She made her film debut in 1914 in Molly the Drummer Boy (1914). The following year she received top billing playing "Gladiola Bain" in Gladiola (1915). She was in top demand as evidenced by securing another lead in ...

Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
(90 let) Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
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The Show of Shows
The Show of Shows
54 Hollywood
Winds of Chance
Winds of Chance
Her Fatal Millions
Her Fatal Millions
The Ice Flood
The Ice Flood
Two Sisters
Two Sisters

1933Strange Case of Poison Ivy, Thefilm

1932Foiled Againfilm

1929One Splendid Hourfilm

1929The Show of Showsfilm

1929Two Sistersfilm

1928That Certain Thingfilm

1927Home Struckfilm

1927Lure of the Night Clubfilm

1927Naughty Nanettefilm

1927Salvation Janefilm

1926Bigger Than Barnum'sfilm

1926Bred in Old Kentuckyfilm

1926Kosher Kitty Kellyfilm

1926The Ice Floodfilm

1926The Silent Loverfilm

1926Wild Oats Lanefilm

1925As Man Desiresfilm

1925Forty Winksfilm

1925Necessary Evil, Thefilm

1925The Great Lovefilm

1925Winds of Chancefilm

1924Along Came Ruthfilm

1924Don't Doubt Your Husbandfilm

1924Merton of the Moviesfilm

1924Open All Nightfilm


1924The Beauty Prizefilm

1924The Heart Banditfilm

1923A Noise in Newborofilm

1923Crinoline and Romancefilm

1923Her Fatal Millionsfilm


1923In Search of a Thrillfilm

1923Rouged Lipsfilm

1923The Social Codefilm

1922Five Dollar Baby, Thefilm

1922Fourteenth Loverfilm

1922Glass Housesfilm

1922June Madnessfilm

1922Love in the Darkfilm

1922Seeing's Believingfilm

1922They Like 'Em Roughfilm

1921Home Stufffilm

1921Life's Darn Funnyfilm

1921Puppets of Fatefilm

1921The Match-Breakerfilm

1921The Off-Shore Piratefilm

1921There Are No Villainsfilm


1920Cinderella's Twinfilm

1920Dangerous to Menfilm

1920The Chorus Girl's Romancefilm

1920The Willow Treefilm

1919False Evidencefilm

1919Gold Cure, Thefilm

1919Microbe, Thefilm

1919Please Get Marriedfilm

1919Satan Juniorfilm

1919Some Bridefilm

1919The Parisian Tigressfilm

1918A Weaver of Dreamsfilm

1918Breakers Aheadfilm

1918Flower of the Duskfilm


1918Riders of the Nightfilm

1918The Only Roadfilm

1918Winding Trail, Thefilm

1917Aladdin's Other Lampfilm

1917Blue Jeansfilm

1917Girl Without a Soul, Thefilm

1917God's Law and Man'sfilm

1917Lady Barnaclefilm

1917Mortal Sin, Thefilm

1917Rosie O'Gradyfilm

1917Threads of Fatefilm

1916Flower of No Man's Land, Thefilm

1916Gates of Eden, Thefilm

1916Innocence of Ruth, Thefilm

1916Light of Happiness, Thefilm

1916The Cossack Whipfilm

1915A Thorn Among Rosesfilm

1915Champion Process Server, Thefilm

1915Children of Evefilm

1915Cohen's Luckfilm


1915Her Happinessfilm

1915House of the Lost Court, Thefilm


1915On Dangerous Pathsfilm

1915Portrait in the Attic, Thefilm

1915Slavey Student, Thefilm

1915Spiritual Elopement, Afilm

1915Stone Heart, Thefilm

1915Stoning, Thefilm

1915The Glory of Clementinafilm

1915Theft in the Dark, Afilm

1914Blind Fiddler, Thefilm

1914Molly the Drummer Boyfilm

1914My Friend from Indiafilm

1914Seth's Sweetheartfilm

1914The Adventure of the Hasty Elopementfilm

1914Treasure Trovefilm

1914Who Goes There?film

1912Butler and the Maid, Thefilm

1912Children Who Laborfilm

1912How Father Accomplished His Workfilm

1912Lord and the Peasant, Thefilm

1912Third Thanksgiving, Thefilm

1910Christmas Carol, Afilm

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