Holmes Herbert (1882 - 1956)

Holmes Herbert, Actor: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Holmes Herbert was a tall, intense English actor who made his first films after coming to America. He began in silent movies as a leading man but eventually was relegated to less important roles as a character actor when sound came in. He played in several of the Universal "Sherlock Holmes" movies, the title character of which was the initial inspiration for his stage name. His career spanned a ...

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, Anglie, Velká Británie
(74 let) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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77 Marie Antoinetta
Marie Antoinetta
84 Neviditelný muž
Neviditelný muž
74 Ztracený svět
Ztracený svět
84 The Stratton Story
The Stratton Story
72 Soukromý život Alžběty a Essexe
Soukromý život Alžběty a Essexe
79 Dobrodružství Robina Hooda
Dobrodružství Robina Hooda

1952At Sword's Pointfilm

1952Brigand, Thefilm

1952The Wild Northfilm

1951Anne of the Indiesfilm

1951David a Batšebafilm

1951The Law and the Ladyfilm

1951The Son of Dr. Jekyllfilm

1951Unknown Man, Thefilm

1950Mark of the Gorillafilm

1950The Iroquois Trailfilm

1950The Magnificent Yankeefilm

1950To Please a Ladyfilm

1949Barbary Piratefilm

1949Post Office Investigatorfilm

1949South of St. Louisfilm

1949The Lost Tribefilm

1949The Stratton Storyfilm

1948Command Decisionfilm

1948Family Honeymoonfilm

1948Johnny Belindafilm

1948Jungle Jimfilm

1948Promiňte, omylfilm

1948The Swordsmanfilm

1948The Wreck of the Hesperusfilm

1947Bulldog Drummond Strikes Backfilm

1947Bulldog Drummond at Bayfilm

1947If Winter Comesfilm


1947Love Laughs at Andy Hardyfilm

1947Mr. District Attorneyfilm

1947Over the Santa Fe Trailfilm


1947The Ghost Goes Wildfilm

1947This Time for Keepsfilm

1946Plášť a dýkafilm

1946Předehra k vražděfilm

1946The Bandit of Sherwood Forestfilm

1946The Verdictfilm

1946Three Strangersfilm

1945Confidential Agentfilm

1945George White's Scandalsfilm

1945Swingin' on a Rainbowfilm

1945The House of Fearfilm

1945The Strange Affair of Uncle Harryfilm


1944Bermuda Mysteryfilm

1944Enter Arsene Lupinfilm

1944Our Hearts Were Young and Gayfilm

1944The Mummy's Cursefilm

1944The Pearl of Deathfilm

1944The Uninvitedfilm

1943A Stranger in Townfilm

1943Calling Dr. Deathfilm

1943Corvette K-225film

1943Sherlock Holmes Faces Deathfilm

1943Sherlock Holmes in Washingtonfilm

1943The Man from Down Underfilm

1943Two Tickets to Londonfilm

1942Danger in the Pacificfilm

1942Frankensteinův duchfilm

1942Invisible Agentfilm

1942Lady in a Jamfilm

1942Strictly in the Groovefilm

1942Tajná zbraňfilm

1942The Undying Monsterfilm

1942This Above Allfilm

1941International Squadronfilm

1941Man Huntfilm

1941Rage in Heavenfilm

1941Scotland Yardfilm

1940A Dispatch from Reuter'sfilm

1940An Angel from Texasfilm


1940Phantom Raidersfilm

1940Skrytý nepřítelfilm

1940South of Suezfilm

1940Tekuté zlatofilm

1940The Earl of Chicagofilm

1940Women in Warfilm

1940Zahraniční dopisovatelfilm

193920,000 Men a Yearfilm

1939Bad Boyfilm

1939Everything Happens at Nightfilm

1939Hidden Powerfilm


1939Malá princeznafilm

1939Mr. Moto's Last Warningfilm

1939Mystery of the White Roomfilm

1939Rulers of the Seafilm

1939Soukromý život Alžběty a Essexefilm

1939Stanley and Livingstonefilm

1939The Adventures of Sherlock Holmesfilm

1939The House of Fearfilm

1939The Mystery of Mr. Wongfilm

1939The Sun Never Setsfilm

1939Tower of Londonfilm

1939Trapped in the Skyfilm

1939We Are Not Alonefilm

1939Wolf Callfilm


1938Dobrodružství Robina Hoodafilm

1938Here's Flash Caseyfilm


1938Marie Antoinettafilm

1938Say It in Frenchfilm

1938The Black Dollfilm

1937Indické mystériumfilm

1937Lancer Spyfilm

1937Poslední otrokářfilm

1937Scotland Yard nařizujefilm

1937Stolen Holidayfilm

1937The Girl Said Nofilm

1937The Life of Emile Zolafilm

1937The Man Without a Countryfilm

1937The Prince and the Pauperfilm

1936Brilliant Marriagefilm

1936Charlie Chan at the Race Trackfilm

1936Fifteen Maiden Lanefilm

1936Lloyd's of Londonfilm

1936The Country Beyondfilm

1936The Gentleman from Louisianafilm

1936The House of Secretsfilm

1936The White Angelfilm

1936Wife vs. Secretaryfilm

1936Útok lehké kavaleriefilm

1935Captain Bloodfilm


1935Kardinál Richelieufilm

1935Mark of the Vampirefilm

1935One in a Millionfilm

1935Temný andělfilm


1934Hrabě Monte Cristofilm


1934Sons of Steelfilm

1934The Curtain Fallsfilm

1934The Pursuit of Happinessfilm

1933Mystery of the Wax Museumfilm

1933Neviditelný mužfilm

1932Central Parkfilm

1932Miss Pinkertonfilm

1932Shop Angelfilm

1932Sister to Judasfilm



1931Daughter of the Dragonfilm

1931Dr. Jekyll a pan Hydefilm

1931The Hot Heiressfilm

1931The Single Sinfilm

1930The Ship from Shanghaifilm


1929Her Private Lifefilm

1929Madame Xfilm


1929Say It with Songsfilm

1929The Careless Agefilm

1929The Charlatanfilm

1929The Thirteenth Chairfilm


1928Gentlemen Prefer Blondesfilm

1928On Trialfilm

1928The Sporting Agefilm

1928The Terrorfilm

1928Their Hourfilm

1928Through the Breakersfilm

1927Gay Retreat, Thefilm

1927Heart of Salomefilm


1927Mr. Wufilm

1927Nest, Thefilm

1927One Increasing Purposefilm

1927Slaves of Beautyfilm

1927The Silver Slavefilm


1927When a Man Lovesfilm

1926Josselyn's Wifefilm

1926The Fire Brigadefilm

1926The Honeymoon Expressfilm

1926The Passionate Questfilm

1925Daddy's Gone A-Huntingfilm

1925Dáma z velkého světafilm

1925Up the Ladderfilm



1925Zkáza Ninivefilm

1925Ztracený světfilm

1924Another Scandalfilm

1924Her Own Free Willfilm

1924Love's Wildernessfilm

1924Sinners in Heavenfilm

1924The Enchanted Cottagefilm

1923I Will Repayfilm

1923Toilers of the Seafilm

1922A Stage Romancefilm

1922A Woman's Womanfilm

1922Any Wifefilm

1922Divorce Couponsfilm


1922Moonshine Valleyfilm

1922Woman's Woman, Afilm

1921Family Closet, Thefilm

1921Heedless Mothsfilm

1921Her Lord and Masterfilm

1921The Inner Chamberfilm

1921The Wild Goosefilm

1920Black Is Whitefilm

1920Dead Men Tell No Talesfilm

1920His House in Orderfilm

1920Lady Rose's Daughterfilm

1920My Lady's Garterfilm

1920On with the Dancefilm

1920The Right to Lovefilm

1920Truth About Husbands, Thefilm

1919ABC of Love, Thefilm

1919Market of Souls, Thefilm

1919Other Men's Wivesfilm

1919The Divorceefilm

1919The Rough Neckfilm

1919The White Heatherfilm

1918A Doll's Housefilm

1918Death Dance, Thefilm

1918Whirlpool, Thefilm

1917Her Life and Hisfilm

1917The Man Without a Countryfilm

1915His Wifefilm

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