John Mitchum (1919 - 2001)

John Mitchum, Actor: Dirty Harry. John Newman Mitchum was the September child of a Norwegian mother and an Irish/Blackfoot father whom he never knew, as he was killed in a tragic train yard accident in 1919. His two-years-older brother Robert filled the role as best as he could, while their older sister Annette studied the lively arts and eventually joined a traveling vaudeville team. Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, the young ...

Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA
(82 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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76 Psanec Josey Wales
Psanec Josey Wales
86 My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady
85 Stalag 17
Stalag 17
83 El Dorado
El Dorado
81 Drsný Harry
Drsný Harry
72 Tulák z širých plání
Tulák z širých plání

1990Family for Joe, ATV film

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1974The Hanged ManTV film

1973Magnum Forcefilm

1973SavageTV film

1973Tulák z širých plánífilm

1972Bloody Trailfilm


1971Do Not Fold, Spindle, or MutilateTV film

1971Drsný Harryfilm

1971Ještě jeden vlak k vyloupenífilm


1970John Chisumfilm

1969Paint Your Wagonfilm


1968Three Guns for Texasfilm

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1964My Fair Ladyfilm

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1961Sergeant Was a Lady, Thefilm

1959Al Caponefilm

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1959Guns, Girls, and Gangstersfilm

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1953Stalag 17film

1952One Minute to Zerofilm

1952Poslední rodeofilm

1952The Pace That Thrillsfilm

1951Flying Leathernecksfilm

1951Submarine Commandfilm

1950Born to Be Badfilm

1950Na opuštěném místěfilm

1950Right Crossfilm

1950When Willie Comes Marching Homefilm

1949Devil's Sleep, Thefilm

1949Knock on Any Doorfilm

1948Shed No Tearsfilm

1947The Prairiefilm

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