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Luke Bracey, Actor: Point Break. Luke Bracey was born in Sydney, Australia and made his acting debut in Aussie soap opera, Home and Away (1988) in 2009, portraying bad-boy "Trey Palmer" into 2010, while also appearing in multiple episodes of Aussie series Dance Academy (2010)). He next co-starred in what was both his first feature film and first American role, in Monte Carlo (...

Sydney, New South Wales, Austrálie
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84 Hacksaw Ridge: Zrození hrdiny
Hacksaw Ridge: Zrození hrdiny
59 Bod zlomu
Bod zlomu
69 Co s láskou
Co s láskou
58 G.I. Joe 2: Odveta
G.I. Joe 2: Odveta
64 November Man
November Man
65 Taneční akademie
Taneční akademie

2019Danger Closefilm

2018Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Homefilm

2016Hacksaw Ridge: Zrození hrdinyfilm

2015Bod zlomufilm

2015Me Him Herfilm

2014Co s láskoufilm

2014November Manfilm

2013G.I. Joe 2: Odvetafilm

2013WestsideTV film

2011Monte Carlofilm

2010Taneční akademieseriál

1988Home and Awayseriál

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