Iain Rogerson

Iain Rogerson, Actor: Bedazzled. Iain Rogerson was born in October 1960 in Cefn-y-bedd, Wrexham, Wales. He was an actor and assistant director, known for Smlouva s dáblem (2000), Mack the Knife (1989) and Mike Bassett: England Manager (2001). He died on October 13, 2017 in Wrexham.
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67 Smlouva s ďáblem
Smlouva s ďáblem
62 Zabijte krále
Zabijte krále
Beyond Fear
Beyond Fear
Eleven Men Against Eleven
Eleven Men Against Eleven
72 Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?
Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?
70 Do toho
Do toho

2011Kill Keithfilm

2009Věčná kletbafilm

2003Zabijte králefilm

2002Nečistá hrafilm

2001Do tohofilm

2000Smlouva s ďáblemfilm

1999Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?film

1998Nahoru a dolůfilm

1997Beyond FearTV film

1997GobbleTV film

1995Eleven Men Against ElevenTV film

1989Mackie Messerfilm

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