Matt Moore (1888 - 1960)

Matt Moore, Actor: Rain. Matt Moore was born on January 8, 1888 in County Meath, Ireland as Matthew Moore. He was an actor and director, known for Rain (1932), 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1916) and The Unholy Three (1925). He died on January 20, 1960 in Hollywood, California, USA.

County Meath, Irsko
(72 let) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Sedm nevěst pro sedm bratrů
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Yankee Pasha
My Favorite Spy
My Favorite Spy
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The Kings Thief
The Kings Thief

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1943Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Casefilm

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1932Cock of the Airfilm

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1931Consolation Marriagefilm

1931Penrod and Samfilm

1931Stout Hearts and Willing Handsfilm

1931The Front Pagefilm

1930Call of the Westfilm

1930Squealer, Thefilm


1929Side Streetfilm

1928Beware of Blondesfilm

1928Dry Martinifilm

1928Phyllis of the Folliesfilm

1927Honorable Mr. Buggs, Thefilm

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1926Caveman, Thefilm


1926Early to Wedfilm

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1926Summer Bachelorsfilm

1926The First Yearfilm

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1925Grounds for Divorcefilm

1925His Majesty, Bunker Beanfilm

1925How Baxter Butted Infilm

1925Narrow Street, Thefilm

1925The Unholy Threefilm

1925The Way of a Girlfilm

1925Three Weeks in Parisfilm

1925Where the Worst Beginsfilm

1924A Self-Made Failurefilm

1924Another Man's Wifefilm

1924Fools in the Darkfilm

1924Lost Lady, Afilm

1924No More Womenfilm

1924The Breaking Pointfilm

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1923Strangers of the Nightfilm

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1920Don't Ever Marryfilm


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1919Bondage of Barbara, Thefilm

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1919Getting Mary Marriedfilm

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1919The Glorious Ladyfilm

1919The Unpardonable Sinfilm

1919Unwritten Code, Thefilm

1919Wild Goose Chase, Afilm

1918Heart of the Wildsfilm

1918Stake Uncle Sam to Play Your Handfilm

1918The Wall Invisiblefilm

1917Blood-Stained Hand, Afilm

1917Brass Girl, Thefilm

1917Breaking the Family Strikefilm

1917David Craig's Luckfilm


1917Hour of Terror, Anfilm

1917One Bride Too Manyfilm

1917Pots and Poemsfilm

1917Runaway, Romanyfilm

1917She Married Her Husbandfilm

1917Studio Cinderella, Afilm

1917The Pride of the Clanfilm

191620 000 mil pod mořemfilm

1916Ashamed of the Old Folksfilm

1916Blind Man's Blufffilm

1916Come On, Thefilm

1916Double Fire Deception, Afilm

1916Her Invisible Husbandfilm

1916His Little Storyfilm

1916Jane's Choicefilm

1916Plot and Counter Plotfilm

1916Poet's Progress, Thefilm

1916Singular Cynic, Afilm

1916Story from Life, Afilm

1916Stranger in His Own Home, Afilm

1916The River Goddessfilm

1916Vanity Thy Name Is?film

1916Why Mrs. Kentworth Liedfilm

1915A Daughter of the Nilefilm

1915A Witch of Salem Townfilm

1915Circus Maryfilm

1915Father's Strategyfilm

1915Fireman's Bride, Thefilm

1915How She Fooled Auntyfilm

1915Laugh That Died, Thefilm

1915Little Lady Across the Way, Thefilm

1915Mary's Dukefilm

1915Photoplay Without a Name, or: A $50.00 Reward, Afilm

1915Professional Jealousyfilm

1915The Beautiful Unknownfilm

1915The Girl Who Had a Soulfilm

1915The Honor of the Ormsbysfilm

1915The Judgment of Menfilm

1915The Rustle of a Skirtfilm

1915When Love Laughsfilm

1914Bribe, Thefilm

1914Coryphee, Thefilm


1914Diplomatic Flofilm

1914Disenchantment, Afilm

1914Doctor's Testimony, Thefilm

1914False Bride, Thefilm

1914For the Peoplefilm

1914Her Ragged Knightfilm

1914Honor of the Humble, Thefilm

1914Law's Decree, Thefilm

1914Little Mail Carrier, Thefilm

1914Mad Man's Ward, Thefilm

1914Mysterious Mystery, Afilm

1914Pawns of Destinyfilm

1914Romance of a Photograph, Thefilm

1914Singular Sinner, Afilm

1914Stepmother, Thefilm

1914The Honeymoonersfilm

1914Woman Who Won, Thefilm

1913A Girl and Her Moneyfilm

1913Big Sisterfilm

1913Hidden Firesfilm

1913In Peril of the Seafilm

1913In Search of Quietfilm

1913Influence of Sympathyfilm

1913Jealousy of Jane, Thefilm

1913Just a Fire Fighterfilm

1913Manicure, Thefilm


1913None But the Brave Deserve the --?film

1913Plain Janefilm

1913Pursuit of Jane, Thefilm

1913The Girl o'the Woodsfilm

1913Their Parentsfilm

1913Traffic in Soulsfilm

1913Where the Hop Vine Twinesfilm

1913Who Killed Olga Carew?film

1913Winner, Thefilm

1913Yogi, Thefilm

1912Tangled Relationsfilm

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