Anna Q. Nilsson (1888 - 1974)

Anna Q. Nilsson, Actress: Sunset Blvd.. Anna Quirentia Nilsson, popularly known as "Anna Q", who was born on March 30th, 1888, in Ystad, Sweden, emigrated to the United States in 1905. The 5'7" Nilsson used her blonde beauty to become a famous model for well-known fashion photographers and fine artists. In 1907 she was chosen the most beautiful girl in the US and in 1911 made her film ...

Ystad, Skåne län, Švédsko
(85 let) Hemet, California, USA
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81 Adamovo žebro
Adamovo žebro
86 Sunset Blvd.
Sunset Blvd.
97 The Little Minister
The Little Minister
78 Američan v Paříži
Američan v Paříži
70 Sedm nevěst pro sedm bratrů
Sedm nevěst pro sedm bratrů
75 Sedmá kavalérie
Sedmá kavalérie

1954Sedm nevěst pro sedm bratrůfilm

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1945The Sailor Takes a Wifefilm

1945The Valley of Decisionfilm

1943Cry 'Havoc'film

1943Headin' for God's Countryfilm


1942Girl's Townfilm

1942I Live on Dangerfilm

1942The Great Man's Ladyfilm

1941Riders of the Timberlinefilm

1941Sedmá kavalériefilm

1941The People vs. Dr. Kildarefilm

1941Trial of Mary Dugan, Thefilm

1938Paradise for Threefilm

1938Prison Farmfilm

1937Behind the Criminalfilm

1935Wanderer of the Wastelandfilm

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1928Whip, Thefilm

1927Babe Comes Homefilm

1927Easy Pickingsfilm

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1927Sorrell and Sonfilm

1927The Masked Womanfilm

1927The Thirteenth Jurorfilm

1926Her Second Chancefilm

1926Midnight Loversfilm

1926Miss Nobodyfilm

1926The Greater Gloryfilm

1926Too Much Moneyfilm

1925If I Marry Againfilm

1925One Way Streetfilm

1925The Splendid Roadfilm

1925The Talkerfilm

1925Top of the World, Thefilm

1925Winds of Chancefilm

1924Between Friendsfilm

1924Broadway After Darkfilm

1924Flowing Goldfilm

1924Half-a-Dollar Billfilm

1924Hello, 'Friscofilm

1924Inez from Hollywoodfilm

1924Painted Peoplefilm

1924Side Show of Life, Thefilm

1924The Breath of Scandalfilm

1924The Fire Patrolfilm

1924The Judgment of the Stormfilm

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1923Rustle of Silk, Thefilm

1923The Isle of Lost Shipsfilm

1923The Spoilersfilm

1923Tropická vášeňfilm

1922Pink Godsfilm

1922The Man from Homefilm

1922Three Live Ghostsfilm

1921Ten Nights in a Bar Roomfilm

1921The Lotus Eaterfilm

1921The Oathfilm


1921What Women Will Dofilm

1921Why Girls Leave Homefilm

1921Without Limitfilm

1920Brute Master, Thefilm

1920Figurehead, Thefilm

1920In the Heart of a Foolfilm

1920One Hour Before Dawnfilm

1920The Fighting Chancefilm

1920The Luck of the Irishfilm

1920The Thirteenth Commandmentfilm

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1918Heart of the Sunsetfilm

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1918No Man's Landfilm

1918The Trail to Yesterdayfilm

1918The Vanity Poolfilm


1917Moral Code, Thefilm

1917Over Therefilm

1917Seven Keys to Baldpatefilm

1917Silent Master, Thefilm

1917The Inevitablefilm

1916Beyond Recallfilm

1916Goad of Jealousy, Thefilm

1916Her Surrenderfilm

1916Irony of Justice, Thefilm

1916Lost Paradise, Thefilm

1916Puppets of Fatefilm

1916Scarlet Road, Thefilm

1916Silent Shame, Thefilm

1916Sold Outfilm

1916Sowing the Windfilm

1916Tangled Web, Thefilm

1916The Supreme Sacrificefilm

1916Tight Rein, Thefilm

1916Trial of Souls, Afilm

1916Truth Crushed to Earthfilm

1916Weaker Strain, Thefilm

1915A Sister's Burdenfilm

1915Barbara Frietchiefilm

1915Barriers Swept Asidefilm

1915Hiding from the Lawfilm

1915In the Hands of the Juryfilm

1915Night of the Embassy Ball, Thefilm



1915The Destroyerfilm

1915The Game of Lifefilm

1915The Haunted House of Wild Islefilm

1915The Haunting Fearfilm

1915The Night Operator at Buxtonfilm

1915The Second Commandmentfilm

1915The Siren's Reignfilm

1915Voices in the Darkfilm

1915Weighed in the Balancefilm

1914A Diamond in the Roughfilm

1914Ex-Convict, Thefilm

1914Man in the Vault, Thefilm

1914Man with the Glove, Thefilm

1914Perils of the White Lightsfilm


1914Secret of the Will, Thefilm

1914Shot in the Night, Afilm

1914Tell-Tale Stainsfilm

1914The Hazards of Helenfilm

1914Wolfe; Or, The Conquest of Quebecfilm

1913A Mississippi Tragedyfilm

1913Battle of Bloody Ford, Thefilm

1913Captured by Strategyfilm

1913Counterfeiter's Confederate, Thefilm

1913Grim Toll of War, Thefilm

1913Gypsy's Brand, Thefilm

1913Infamous Don Miguel, Thefilm

1913John Burns of Gettysburgfilm

1913Man in the World of Men, Afilm

1913Prisoners of Warfilm




1913The Breath of Scandalfilm

1913The Fatal Legacyfilm

1913The Turning Pointfilm

1913Treacherous Shot, Afilm

1913Uncle Tom's Cabinfilm

1912'Fighting' Dan McCoolfilm

1912Battle in the Virginia Hillsfilm

1912Battle of Pottsburg Bridgefilm

1912Confederate Ironclad, Thefilm

1912Darling of the CSA, Thefilm

1912Drummer Girl of Vicksburg, Thefilm

1912Farm Bully, Thefilm

1912Filibusterers, Thefilm

1912Fraud at the Hope Mine, Thefilm

1912Girl in the Caboose, Thefilm

1912Grit of the Girl Telegrapher, Thefilm

1912His Mother's Picturefilm

1912Prison Ship, Thefilm

1912Railroad Lochinvar, Afilm

1912Saved from Court Martialfilm

1912Siege of Petersburg, Thefilm

1912The Bugler of Battery Bfilm

1912The Soldier Brothers of Susannafilm

1912Tide of Battlefilm

1912Toll Gate Raiders, Thefilm

1912Two Spiesfilm

1912Under a Flag of Trucefilm

1912Victim of Circumstancesfilm

1912War's Havocfilm

1911Express Envelope, Thefilm

1911Flash in the Night, Thefilm

1911Molly Pitcherfilm

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