Lynne Frederick (1954 - 1994)

Lynne Frederick, Actress: The Amazing Mr. Blunden. Lynne Frederick was a promising and ascending British actress of the 1970s. For ten years she captivated movie goers with her perfect combination of girl next door beauty, an angelic smile, an ethereal charm, and a classic fairy tale princess look that was all put into one gifted package. Although best remembered as the fourth and final wife of ...

Hillingdon, Middlesex, Anglie, Velká Británie
(39 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Lynne Frederick oblíbené filmy

77 Mikuláš a Alexandra
Mikuláš a Alexandra
75 Jindřich VIII. a jeho šest žen
Jindřich VIII. a jeho šest žen
78 Podivuhodný pan Blunden
Podivuhodný pan Blunden
69 No Blade of Grass
No Blade of Grass
76 Pouť zatracených
Pouť zatracených
73 Zajatec na Zendě
Zajatec na Zendě

1979Zajatec na Zenděfilm

1976Pouť zatracenýchfilm


1975I quattro dell'apocalissefilm

1975Largo retornofilm

1975Vicio y la virtud, Elfilm

1974Fáze IVfilm

1974Giubbe rossefilm

1973Tragedy of Two Ambitions, ATV film

1972Jindřich VIII. a jeho šest ženfilm

1972Podivuhodný pan Blundenfilm

1972Vampire Circusfilm

1971Mikuláš a Alexandrafilm

1970No Blade of Grassfilm

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