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Patricia Gozzi, Actress: Léon Morin, prêtre. She was born on April 12 1950. Father Yves Gozzi, mother Gylberte. Have three sisters. One son, Benoit Sauvage, born in California in 1980, one daughter, Celia Sauvage, born also in California in 1983. Nationality, French, married to Michael Sauvage. So many people wondered why this young actress stopped acting, after her remarkable performance in Rapture (1965). The main reason was her marriage. ...

Paříž, Francie
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76 Kněz Léon Morin
Kněz Léon Morin
Recours en grâce
Recours en grâce
Quai Notre-Dame
Quai Notre-Dame
Un otage
Un otage
78 La fleur de lâge
La fleur de lâge
83 Neděle ve Ville dAvray
Neděle ve Ville dAvray

1973Grabuge, Lefilm

1970Un otageTV film

1965La fleur de l'âgefilm

1962Neděle ve Ville d'Avrayfilm

1961Kněz Léon Morinfilm

1961Quai Notre-Damefilm

1960Recours en grâcefilm

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