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Wright King, Actor: Planet of the Apes. Best known for his role in "Streetcar Named Desire" and for his two guest appearances on the original The Twilight Zone (1959) series, Wright King enjoyed a noteworthy career in numerous theatrical productions. He remained close friends with Eileen Heckart until her death in 2001. His son is actor Meegan King. In 1987, Wright and his wife June ...

Okmulgee, Oklahoma, USA
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85 Planeta opic
Planeta opic
81 Divotvorný hrnec
Divotvorný hrnec
82 Král Krysa
Král Krysa
67 Helter Skelter
Helter Skelter
83 Tramvaj do stanice Touha
Tramvaj do stanice Touha
48 The Spell
The Spell

1987House Made of Dawnfilm

1978The Critical ListTV film

1977Spell, TheTV film

1976Cesta Velkou PlaninouTV film

1976Helter SkelterTV film

1974The Missiles of OctoberTV film

1973Útok včelích panenekfilm

1972Journey Through Rosebudfilm

1970Along Came a SpiderTV film

1970The Andersonville TrialTV film

1968Divotvorný hrnecfilm

1968Planeta opicfilm

1968Shadow Over ElveronTV film

1965Král Krysafilm

1962Dangerous Charterfilm

1959Nedozírný vlivfilm

1959Přestřelka v Dodge Cityfilm

1957Hot Rod Rumblefilm

1956AlarmTV film

1956Stagecoach to Furyfilm

1956The Bold and the Bravefilm

1956The Young Gunsfilm

1951Tramvaj do stanice Touhafilm

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