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Zach Lipovsky, Director: Crazy Late. Zach has been around film sets almost his entire life. He started working in the film industry as a child actor, when his producer mom decided to put him in front of the camera. In these early years, he starred in many Canadian films and television shows, and by high school was creating his own body of work. By- passing college, he joined a filmmaking cooperative and combined his acting and ...
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49 Povstání mrtvých: Strážní věž
Povstání mrtvých: Strážní věž
26 Tasmánští čerti
Tasmánští čerti
41 Leprechaun: Origins
Leprechaun: Origins
Crazy Late
Crazy Late

2015Povstání mrtvých: Strážní věžfilm

2014Leprechaun: Originsfilm

2013Tasmánští čertiTV film

2005Crazy Latefilm

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