Henry Armetta (1888 - 1945)

Henry Armetta, Actor: The Devil's Brother. Sicilian-born character actor who appeared in scores of American films, usually as an exuberant and demonstrative Italian. As a teenager in 1902, Armetta stowed away on a boat bound for New York. There he did menial jobs until landing a position as a valet and presser at the Lambs Club, the New York actors' club. One of the members took a liking Armetta and arranged a small role for him in a ...

Palermo, Sicílie, Itálie
(57 let) San Diego, California, USA
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Henry Armetta oblíbené filmy

84 Zjizvená tvář
Zjizvená tvář
96 Stage Door Canteen
Stage Door Canteen
63 Ponorky hrozí
Ponorky hrozí
Rasputin and the Empress
Rasputin and the Empress
72 V sedmém nebi
V sedmém nebi
75 Kiss and Make Up
Kiss and Make Up

1946Colonel Effingham's Raidfilm

1945Anchors Aweighfilm

1945Penthouse Rhythmfilm

1945Zvon pro Adanofilm

1944Allergic to Lovefilm

1944Ghost Catchersfilm

1944Once Upon a Timefilm

1943Good Luck, Mr. Yatesfilm

1943Stage Door Canteenfilm

1943Thank Your Lucky Starsfilm

1941Caught in the Actfilm

1941Obchodní důmfilm

1941Slick Chickfilm

1940The Man Who Talked Too Muchfilm

1940Three Cheers for the Irishfilm

1940We Who Are Youngfilm

1940You're Not So Toughfilm

1939Boss Foremanfilm

1939Dust Be My Destinyfilm

1939Fisherman's Wharffilm

1939I Stole a Millionfilm

1939My Popfilm


1939The Escapefilm

1939The Lady and the Mobfilm

1939Winner Take Allfilm

1938Everybody Singfilm

1938Ponorky hrozífilm

1938Road Demonfilm

1938Speed to Burnfilm

1937Make a Wishfilm

1937Manhattan Merry-Go-Roundfilm

1937Top of the Townfilm

1936Carnival Dayfilm

1936Chudá bohatá holčičkafilm

1936Let's Sing Againfilm

1936Pravý mužfilm

1936The Crime of Dr. Forbesfilm

1936Two in a Crowdfilm

1935After Office Hoursfilm


1935I've Been Aroundfilm

1935Magnificent Obsessionfilm

1935Manhattan Moonfilm

1935Old Age Pensionfilm

1935Princess O'Harafilm

1935Romance of the Westfilm

1935Straight from the Heartfilm

1935The Night Life of the Godsfilm

1935Three Kids and a Queenfilm

1935Unknown Womanfilm

1935Vanessa: Her Love Storyfilm

1934Ceiling Whacksfilm

1934Cheating Cheatersfilm

1934Cross Country Cruisefilm

1934Embarrassing Momentsfilm

1934Full Coveragefilm

1934Gift of Gabfilm

1934Good Time Henryfilm

1934Half a Sinnerfilm

1934Henry's Social Splashfilm


1934Imitation of Lifefilm

1934Kiss and Make Upfilm

1934Let's Talk It Overfilm

1934One Night of Lovefilm

1934Poor Rich, Thefilm

1934Romance in the Rainfilm

1934The Cat and the Fiddlefilm

1934The Man Who Reclaimed His Headfilm

1934Two Heads on a Pillowfilm

1934Veselá vdovafilm

1934Viva Villa!film

1934Wake Up and Dreamfilm

1934Černá kočkafilm

1933Don't Bet on Lovefilm

1933Family Troublesfilm

1933Going Hollywoodfilm

1933Hello Pop!film

1933Her First Matefilm

1933Laughing at Lifefilm

1933Open Sesamefilm

1933Pick Me Upfilm

1933So This Is Africafilm

1933The Cohens and Kellys in Troublefilm

1933Too Much Harmonyfilm

1933What! No Beer?film

1933Ďáblův bratr - Laurel a Hardyfilm

1932Arsène Lupinfilm

1932Bachelor's Affairsfilm

1932Central Parkfilm


1932Doomed Battalionfilm


1932Hat Check Girlfilm

1932High Pressurefilm


1932Men of Americafilm

1932Nebezpečná rudovláskafilm

1932Okay, America!film

1932Passionate Plumber, Thefilm


1932Rasputin and the Empressfilm

1932Sbohem, armádofilm

1932Speak Easilyfilm

1932Steady Companyfilm

1932They Just Had to Get Marriedfilm

1932Uptown New Yorkfilm

1932Week Ends Onlyfilm

1932Who, Me?film

1932Zjizvená tvářfilm

1931A Tailor Made Manfilm

1931Five and Tenfilm

1931He Loved Her Notfilm

1931Hush Moneyfilm

1931Just a Gigolofilm

1931La mujer Xfilm

1931Laughing Sinnersfilm

1931New Adventures of Get Rich Quick Wallingfordfilm

1931Sightseeing in New Yorkfilm

1931Strangers May Kissfilm

1931The Unholy Gardenfilm

1931Wife o' Riley, Thefilm

1930A Lady to Lovefilm

1930Barnum Was Wrongfilm

1930Die Sehnsucht jeder Fraufilm

1930Hey Diddle Diddlefilm

1930Ladies Love Brutesfilm

1930Little Accidentfilm

1930Lovin' the Ladiesfilm

1930Moonlight and Monkey Businessfilm

1930Off to Peoriafilm

1930Razored in Old Kentuckyfilm


1930Sei tu l'amorefilm

1930Society Goes Spaghettifilm

1930The Climaxfilm

1930The Girl Said Nofilm

1930The Ship from Shanghaifilm

1930The Sins of the Childrenfilm

1930Who's Got the Body?film

1929Dáma z dlažbyfilm

1929Half Marriagefilm

1929Jazz Heavenfilm

1929Love, Live and Laughfilm

1929Madame Xfilm

1929Sunnyside Upfilm

1929The Trespasserfilm

1928Anděl ulicefilm

1928Four A.M.film


1928In Old Arizonafilm

1928The Red Dancefilm

1928Všude jiné děvčefilm


1927Midsummer Night's Steam, Afilm

1927Paid to Lovefilm

1927The Missing Linkfilm

1927V sedmém nebifilm

1925Desert's Price, Thefilm

1923The Silent Commandfilm


1920The Face at Your Windowfilm

1919Jungle Trail, Thefilm

1917The Eternal Sinfilm

1916The Marble Heartfilm

1915Nigger, Thefilm

1915Plunderer, Thefilm

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