Russell Hicks (1895 - 1957)

Russell Hicks, Actor: The Blue Bird. Tall, distinguished-looking Russell Hicks appeared in almost 300 films in his more than 40-year career (although his first known screen appearance was in 1915, he has screenwriting credits as early as 1913, so it's possible his screen debut was earlier than credited). His cultured bearing, grandfatherly appearance and soothing, resonant voice were...

Baltimore, Maryland, USA
(61 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Russell Hicks oblíbené filmy

81 Moře trávy
Moře trávy
77 Union Pacific
Union Pacific
78 Samson & Dalila
Samson & Dalila
72 Zrození národa
Zrození národa
71 Northern Pursuit
Northern Pursuit
As You Were
As You Were

19567th Cavalryfilm

1956Once Upon a Honeymoonfilm

1956You Can't Run Away from Itfilm

1953Man of Conflictfilm

1952Maverick, Thefilm

1952Mr. Walkie Talkiefilm

1952Old Oklahoma Plainsfilm


1951All That I Havefilm

1951As You Werefilm

1951Belle Le Grandfilm

1951Bowery Battalionfilm

1951Crazy Over Horsesfilm

1951Fourteen Hoursfilm

1951Kentucky Jubileefilm

1951Overland Telegraphfilm

1950Again... Pioneersfilm

1950Big Hangover, Thefilm

1950Blue Grass of Kentuckyfilm

1950Duchess of Idahofilm

1950Flying Saucer, Thefilm

1950Square Dance Katyfilm

1950The Petty Girlfilm


1949Barbary Piratefilm

1949I Cheated the Lawfilm


1949Manhattan Angelfilm

1949Samson & Dalilafilm

1949Shocking Affairfilm

1949South of St. Louisfilm

1949The Fountainheadfilm

1948Assigned to Dangerfilm

1948Jiggs and Maggie in Courtfilm

1948My Dear Secretaryfilm

1948One Sunday Afternoonfilm

1948Race Streetfilm

1948Shanghai Chest, Thefilm

1948Silver Riverfilm

1948The Black Arrowfilm

1948The Gallant Legionfilm

1948The Huntedfilm

1948The Mating of Milliefilm

1948The Noose Hangs Highfilm

1948The Plunderersfilm

1948The Return of Octoberfilm

1948The Velvet Touchfilm

1947'Fun on a Week-End'film

1947Buck Privates Come Homefilm

1947Dark Delusionfilm



1947Moře trávyfilm

1947Smoky River Serenadefilm

1947Smooth Sailingfilm

1947The Beginning or the Endfilm

1947The Fabulous Texanfilm

1947The Judge Steps Outfilm

1947The Pilgrim Ladyfilm

1947Variety Girlfilm

1947Web of Dangerfilm

1946A Close Call for Boston Blackiefilm

1946Charlie Chan - téměř dokonalé alibifilm

1946Earl Carroll Sketchbookfilm

1946G.I. War Bridesfilm

1946Gay Bladesfilm

1946Plainsman and the Ladyfilm

1946Swing Paradefilm

1946The Bachelor's Daughtersfilm

1946The Bandit of Sherwood Forestfilm

1946The Hoodlum Saintfilm

1946The Show-Offfilm

1946The Unknownfilm

1946Till the Clouds Roll byfilm

1945A Game of Deathfilm

1945A Guy, a Gal and a Palfilm

1945Apology for Murderfilm

1945First Yank Into Tokyofilm

1945Flame of Barbary Coastfilm

1945Getting Gertie's Garterfilm

1945Hidden Eye, Thefilm

1945Propustka do nebefilm

1945She Gets Her Manfilm

1945She Wouldn't Say Yesfilm

1945That Night with Youfilm

1945The Master Keyfilm

1945The Valley of Decisionfilm

1945Week-End at the Waldorffilm

1945Šarlatová ulicefilm

1944Bathing Beautyfilm

1944Captain Americafilm

1944Hat Check Honeyfilm


1944Louisiana Hayridefilm

1944Port of 40 Thievesfilm

1943Air Raid Wardensfilm

1943Follow the Bandfilm

1943Harrigan's Kidfilm

1943King of the Cowboysfilm

1943Northern Pursuitfilm

1943Sestra jeho komorníkafilm

1943Someone to Rememberfilm

1943The Woman of the Townfilm

1943There's Something About a Soldierfilm

1943Three Hearts for Juliafilm

1943What a Woman!film

1942Behind the Eight Ballfilm

1942Blondie for Victoryfilm

1942Butch Minds the Babyfilm

1942Chyťte Hitlera!film

1942Fingers at the Windowfilm

1942Joe Smith, Americanfilm

1942Keeping Fitfilm

1942King of the Mountiesfilm

1942Lady in a Jamfilm

1942Pacific Rendezvousfilm

1942Ride 'Em Cowboyfilm

1942Sealed Lipsfilm

1942Ship Ahoyfilm

1942Springtime in the Rockiesfilm

1942Strictly in the Groovefilm

1942Tarzanovo newyorské dobrodružstvífilm

1942Tennessee Johnsonfilm

1942To the Shores of Tripolifilm

1942We Were Dancingfilm

1942Wings for the Eaglefilm

1941A Man Betrayedfilm

1941Arkansas Judgefilm

1941Buy Me That Townfilm

1941Doctors Don't Tellfilm

1941Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mysteryfilm

1941Here Comes Happinessfilm

1941Hloubkový bombardérfilm

1941Hold That Ghostfilm

1941Honky Tonkfilm


1941Krev a písekfilm


1941Man Made Monsterfilm

1941Obchodní důmfilm

1941Pacific Blackoutfilm

1941Parson of Panamint, Thefilm

1941Public Enemiesfilm

1941Sedmá kavalériefilm

1941The Great Liefilm

1941The Man Who Lost Himselffilm

1941The Pittsburgh Kidfilm

1941The Strawberry Blondefilm

1941Unexpected Unclefilm

1941Western Unionfilm

1941Četař Yorkfilm

1940A Night at Earl Carroll'sfilm

1940Cesta do Santa Fefilm


1940East of the Riverfilm

1940Enemy Agentfilm

1940Fugitive From a Prison Campfilm

1940Johnny Apollofilm

1940Junior G-Menfilm

1940Lady with Red Hairfilm

1940Love Thy Neighborfilm

1940No, No, Nanettefilm

1940Nobody's Childrenfilm

1940Parole Fixerfilm

1940Queen of the Mobfilm

1940Sedm hříšníkůfilm

1940Sporting Bloodfilm

1940The Bank Dickfilm

1940The Blue Birdfilm

1940The Mortal Stormfilm

1940The Return of Frank Jamesfilm

1940Virginia Cityfilm

1939Bad Little Angelfilm

1939Boy Slavesfilm

1939Boy Troublefilm

1939East Side of Heavenfilm

1939Hollywood Cavalcadefilm


1939Hotel Imperialfilm

1939Hotel for Womenfilm

1939I Was a Convictfilm

1939Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the Presidentfilm

1939Man of Conquestfilm

1939North of Shanghaifilm

1939Our Leading Citizenfilm


1939Rulers of the Seafilm

1939Stanley and Livingstonefilm

1939Swanee Riverfilm

1939The Big Guyfilm

1939The Honeymoon's Overfilm

1939The Real Gloryfilm

1939The Three Musketeersfilm

1939Union Pacificfilm


1939Život v tancifilm

1938Fugitives for a Nightfilm



1938Little Miss Broadwayfilm

1938Ostrov bázněfilm

1938Stíny v oblacíchfilm

1938That Certain Agefilm

1938The Big Broadcast of 1938film

1938Vždyť jsme jen jednou na světěfilm

193723 1/2 Hours Leavefilm

1937A Dangerous Adventurefilm

1937Byl lásky časfilm

1937Chicago hořífilm

1937Clipped Wingsfilm

1937Criminals of the Airfilm


1937Fifty Roads to Townfilm

1937Fit for a Kingfilm

1937Girl Overboardfilm

1937It Happened Out Westfilm

1937King of Gamblersfilm

1937Let Them Livefilm

1937Midnight Taxifilm

1937On Again Off Againfilm

1937Partners in Crimefilm

1937Pick a Starfilm

1937Secret Valleyfilm

1937The Big Shotfilm

1937The Man Who Cried Wolffilm

1937The Toast of New Yorkfilm

1937The Westland Casefilm

1937The Wildcatterfilm

1937We Who Are About to Diefilm

1937Wise Girlfilm

1936Bunker Beanfilm

1936Dodge City Trailfilm

1936Fatal Ladyfilm

1936Fifteen Maiden Lanefilm

1936Grand Juryfilm

1936Hearts in Bondagefilm

1936Laughing Irish Eyesfilm

1936Laughing at Troublefilm

1936Námořníci jdoufilm


1936Sea Spoilersfilm

1936Special Investigatorfilm


1936Straight from the Shoulderfilm

1936Tajemný Mr. O´Harafilm

1936The Accusing Fingerfilm

1936The Music Goes 'Roundfilm

1936Ticket to Paradisefilm

1936Tough Guyfilm

1936Trapped by Televisionfilm

1936Two in the Darkfilm

1936Woman Trapfilm

19351,000 Dollars a Minutefilm

1935Charlie Chan in Shanghaifilm

1935Danteho peklofilm

1935Devil Dogs of the Airfilm

1935Go Into Your Dancefilm

1935Grand Exitfilm

1935Honeymoon Limitedfilm

1935If You Could Only Cookfilm

1935Kardinál Richelieufilm

1935Ladies Crave Excitementfilm

1935Ladies Love Dangerfilm

1935Lady Tubbsfilm

1935Living on Velvetfilm

1935Millions in the Airfilm

1935Sweet Musicfilm

1935Ten Dollar Raisefilm

1935The Woman in Redfilm

1935Thunder in the Nightfilm

1935While the Patient Sleptfilm


1934Enlighten Thy Daughterfilm

1934Gentlemen Are Bornfilm

1934Happiness Aheadfilm

1934Murder in the Cloudsfilm


1934My Mummy's Armsfilm

1934The Case of the Howling Dogfilm

1934The Firebirdfilm

1934The Secret Bridefilm

1934The St. Louis Kidfilm

1933Before Morningfilm


1915Zrození národafilm

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