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Peter Andrikidis, Director: East West 101. Peter Andrikidis was awarded the Australian Centenary Medal in the 2001 Queen's New Years Honours List for his services to Australian society and Australian film production. Peter Andrikidis graduated from AFTRS (Film Direction) in 1981 as one of the youngest students. He was immediately recruited to Crawford Productions where he went on to direct numerous dramas productions culminating in ...
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67 Mary Bryantová
Mary Bryantová
47 Hora hrdinů
Hora hrdinů
BlackJack: At the Gates
BlackJack: At the Gates
52 Lživý svědek
Lživý svědek
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
BlackJack: Sweet Science
BlackJack: Sweet Science

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2006BlackJack: At the GatesTV film

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2004BlackJack: Sweet ScienceTV film

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1999Halifaxová, soudní psychiatr - Někdo, koho znášTV film

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