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Christophe Alévêque, Actor: Salauds de pauvres. A particularly caustic comedian, Christophe Alévêque occasionally appears in theatrical or TV films, in supporting or lead roles, not necessarily in the comic register. As most of the projects he took part in did not meet with much success, he still has to make a name for himself as an actor. He was quite good though as Blaireau in TV made "...

Le Creusot, Saone-et-Loire, Francie
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61 Poldou na 24 hodin
Poldou na 24 hodin
56 Malé vraždy Agathy Christie: Otrávené pero
Malé vraždy Agathy Christie: Otrávené pero
42 Svatební dort
Svatební dort
Ceci est mon corps
Ceci est mon corps
45 Vše pro peníze
Vše pro peníze
Mes parents chéris
Mes parents chéris

2014Ceci est mon corpsfilm

2010Svatební dortfilm

2009Malé vraždy Agathy Christie: Otrávené peroTV film

2008Fool Moonfilm

2006Mes parents chérisTV film

2004Poldou na 24 hodinfilm

2004Vše pro penízefilm

1999Ami du jardin, L'film

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