Bill Thurman (1920 - 1995)

Bill Thurman, Actor: Silverado. Character actor Bill Thurman was born on November 4, 1920 in Texas. A large, rugged, stocky man with a hard, lined, puffy face, a deep, twangy, amicable voice, a strong, bulky build, and a charmingly low-key and down-to-earth unaffected natural screen presence, Thurman often portrayed police officers and assorted scruffy redneck types in a huge number of entertainingly cheap'n'cheesy ...

Texas, USA
(74 let) Dallas, Texas, USA
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Bill Thurman oblíbené filmy

82 Blízká setkání třetího druhu
Blízká setkání třetího druhu
84 Dlouhé horké léto
Dlouhé horké léto
75 Silverado
72 Tom Horn
Tom Horn
80 Kde roste červené kapradí
Kde roste červené kapradí
71 Sugarlandský expres
Sugarlandský expres

1991Za bílého dneTV film

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1985Alamo Bayfilm

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1984Místa v srdcifilm

1982Long Summer of George Adams, TheTV film

1981Nebezpečný mužfilm

1980SkywardTV film

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1979Evictors, Thefilm

1978Beasts Are on the Streets, TheTV film

1977Blízká setkání třetího druhufilm

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1977Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, TheTV film

1976Creature from Black Lakefilm

1976Keep My Grave Openfilm

1976Slumber Party '57film

1974'Gator Baitfilm

1974Florida Connection, Thefilm

1974Kde roste červené kapradífilm

1974Ride in a Pink Carfilm

1974Sugarlandský expresfilm

1973Encounter with the Unknownfilm

1972Fair PlayTV film

1971Poslední představenífilm

1970Bullet for Pretty Boy, Afilm

1969'It's Alive!'TV film

1968Hell RaidersTV film

1968The Other Side of Bonnie and Clydefilm

1967Hip Hot and 21film

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1967Mars Needs WomenTV film

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1966Kletba tvora z bažinTV film

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1966Zontar: The Thing from VenusTV film

1965Eye Creatures, TheTV film

1965High Yellowfilm

1965Hot-Blooded Womanfilm

1964Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, Thefilm

1963Yesterday Machine, Thefilm

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