Liam Dunn (1916 - 1976)

Liam Dunn, Actor: Blazing Saddles. Liam Dunn was born in New Jersey in 1916, went to regular high school and entered a small acting school where he constantly acted in plays. Dunn was considered for his first movie role in 1968, but turned it down to work on T.V. Dunn's first big break came in 1972 for his character Judge Maxwell in the film What's Up, Doc? (1972). On the set Mel Brooks was looking for actors to form a stock, and ...

New Jersey, USA
(59 let) Granada Hills, California, USA
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Liam Dunn oblíbené filmy

88 Motýlek
76 Hlava 22
Hlava 22
77 Mladý Frankenstein
Mladý Frankenstein
75 Němý film
Němý film
82 Co dál, doktore?
Co dál, doktore?
73 Vládce severní dráhy
Vládce severní dráhy

1977High Velocityfilm

1977Quinns, TheTV film


1976Němý filmfilm

1976PanacheTV film

1975Konečně láskafilm

1975Night That Panicked America, TheTV film


1974Cry in the Wilderness, ATV film

1974Healers, TheTV film

1974Herbie a stará dámafilm

1974Killer BeesTV film

1974Mladý Frankensteinfilm

1974Odborník na bankyfilm

1974Ohnivá sedlafilm

1974Tree Grows in Brooklyn, ATV film

1974Virginia Hill Story, TheTV film

1973A Reflection of Fearfilm

1973Charley and the Angelfilm

1973Genesis IITV film

1973Isn't It Shocking?TV film

1973Miracle on 34th StreetTV film


1973Nejlepší atlet světafilm

1973Vládce severní dráhyfilm

1972Co dál, doktore?film

1972Pokřivená srdceTV film

1972The Hound of the BaskervillesTV film

1972Velká Northfieldská loupežfilm

1970Hlava 22film

1947That's My Manfilm

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