Bryant Washburn (1889 - 1963)

Bryant Washburn, Actor: Captain Midnight. Bryant Washburn was born on April 28, 1889 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Franklin Bryant Washburn III. He was an actor and producer, known for Captain Midnight (1942), Hungry Hearts (1922) and Skinner's Dress Suit (1917). He was married to Virginia Vance and Mabel Forrest. He died on April 30, 1963 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Chicago, Illinois, USA
(74 let) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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72 Kleopatra
66 Král králů
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68 Nevada
The Master Race
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1943Teen Agea.z.

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1943The Law Rides Againfilm

1943Thousands Cheerfilm

1943Wagon Tracks Westfilm

1943You Can't Beat the Lawfilm

1942Captain Midnightfilm

1942Dr. Kildare's Victoryfilm

1942For Me and My Galfilm

1942Maisie Gets Her Manfilm

1942Shadows on the Sagefilm

1942Ship Ahoyfilm

1942Sin Townfilm

1942The Yukon Patrola.z.

1942Two for the Moneyfilm

1942War Dogsfilm

1942We Were Dancingfilm

1941Adventures of Captain Marvelfilm

1941Babes on Broadwayfilm

1941No Greater Sinfilm

1941Paper Bulletsfilm

1941Pošlapané květyfilm

1941Spider Returns, Thefilm

1940Abraham Lincolnfilm

1940King of the Royal Mountedfilm


1939Cafe Societyfilm

1939I Was a Convictfilm


1939Sky Patrolfilm

1938Crashing Hollywoodfilm

1938Crime Ringfilm

1938I Demand Paymentfilm

1938Law of the Underworldfilm

1938Night Spotfilm

1938Race Suicidefilm

1938The Wages of Sinfilm

1938This Marriage Businessfilm

1937Jungle Jimfilm

1937Million Dollar Racketfilm

1937Sea Racketeersfilm

1937The Outcasts of Poker Flatfilm

1937The Toast of New Yorkfilm

1937The Westland Casefilm

1937We Who Are About to Diefilm

1936And Sudden Deathfilm


1936Ellis Islandfilm

1936Gambling with Soulsfilm

1936Hollywood Boulevardfilm

1936It Couldn't Have Happened - But It Didfilm

1936It's Up to Youfilm

1936Sutter's Goldfilm

1936Taming the Wildfilm

1936The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Handfilm

1936The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Handa.z.

1936The Black Coinfilm

1936The Bridge of Sighsfilm

1936The Millionaire Kidfilm

1936The Preview Murder Mysteryfilm

1936Three of a Kindfilm

1936Wanted! Jane Turnerfilm

1935Danger Aheadfilm

1935Irish Gringo, Thefilm


1935Tailspin Tommy in The Great Air Mysteryfilm

1935The Call of the Savagefilm

1935The Drunkardfilm

1935The Throwbackfilm

1935Twenty Dollars a Weekfilm

1934Back Pagefilm


1934Looking for Troublefilm

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1934The Return of Chandufilm

1934The Return of Chandua.z.

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1933What Price Innocence?film

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1932Forbidden Companyfilm

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1932What Price Hollywood?film

1931Crashing Hollywoodfilm

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1931Kept Husbandsfilm

1931Lure of Hollywood, Thefilm

1931Stout Hearts and Willing Handsfilm

1931The Mystery Trainfilm

1930Niagara Fallsfilm

1930Swing Highfilm

1929The Unkissed Manfilm

1928A Bit of Heavenfilm

1928Chorus Kid, Thefilm

1928Honeymoon Flatsfilm


1928Nothing to Wearfilm

1928Skinner's Big Ideafilm


1927Beware of Widowsfilm

1927Black Tearsfilm

1927Breakfast at Sunrisefilm

1927In the First Degreefilm

1927Král králůfilm

1927Love Thrill, Thefilm

1927Modern Daughtersfilm

1927Sitting Bull at the Spirit Lake Massacrefilm


1926Her Sacrificefilm

1926Meet the Princefilm

1926That Girl Oklahomafilm

1926The Sky Piratefilm

1926Wet Paintfilm

1926Young Aprilfilm

1925Parasite, Thefilm

1925Passionate Youthfilm

1925The Wizard of Ozfilm

1925Wandering Footstepsfilm

1924Hello, 'Friscofilm

1924My Husband's Wivesfilm

1924Star Dust Trailfilm

1924Try and Get Itfilm


1923Mary of the Moviesfilm

1923Mine to Keepfilm

1923Other Men's Daughtersfilm

1923Rupert of Hentzaufilm


1923The Common Lawfilm

1923The Love Trapfilm

1923The Meanest Man in the Worldfilm

1922Hungry Heartsfilm

1922June Madnessfilm

1922Night Life in Hollywoodfilm

1922The Woman Conquersfilm

1922White Shouldersfilm

1921Road to London, Thefilm

1920A Full Housefilm

1920An Amateur Devilfilm

1920Burglar Prooffilm

1920Mrs. Temple's Telegramfilm

1920Sins of St. Anthony, Thefilm

1920The Six Best Cellersfilm

1920What Happened to Jonesfilm

1919A Very Good Young Manfilm

1919All Wrongfilm

1919It Pays to Advertisefilm

1919Love Insurancefilm

1919Putting It Overfilm

1919Something to Dofilm

1919The Poor Boobfilm

1919Too Much Johnsonfilm

1919Venus in the Eastfilm

1919Why Smith Left Homefilm

1918Ghost of the Ranchofilm

1918Kidder and Kofilm

1918The Gypsy Trailfilm

1918The Way of a Man With a Maidfilm

1918Till I Come Back to Youfilm


1917Aladdin Up to Datefilm

1917Fibbers, Thefilm

1917Filling His Own Shoesfilm

1917Four Cent Courtship, Afilm

1917Girl God Made for Jones, Thefilm

1917Golden Idiot, Thefilm

1917Skinner's Babyfilm

1917Skinner's Bubblefilm

1917Skinner's Dress Suitfilm

1917The Man Who Was Afraidfilm

1917The Voice of Consciencefilm

1916A Million for a Babyfilm

1916Breaker, Thefilm

1916Despoiler, Thefilm


1916Final Fraud, Thefilm

1916Golden Liesfilm

1916Havoc, Thefilm

1916Marriage a la Cartefilm

1916Once a Thief --?film

1916Our Peoplefilm

1916Pieces of the Gamefilm

1916The Prince of Graustarkfilm

1916The Promise Landfilm

1916The Spider's Webfilm

1916Worth Whilefilm

1915Alster Case, Thefilm

1915At the End of a Perfect Dayfilm

1915Blindness of Virtue, Thefilm

1915By a Strange Roadfilm

1915Call of Yesterday, Thefilm


1915Countess Veschi's Jewelsfilm

1915Creed of the Clan, Thefilm

1915Crimson Wing, Thefilm

1915Danger of Being Lonesome, Thefilm


1915Edge of Things, Thefilm

1915Fable of the Demand That Must Be Supplied, Thefilm

1915Fable of the Highroller and the Buzzing Blondine, Thefilm

1915Family Divided, Thefilm


1915Gallantry of Jimmy Rodgers, Thefilm

1915Gilded Cage, Thefilm


1915Great Silence, Thefilm

1915Home Comingfilm


1915Little Deceiver, Thefilm

1915Little Straw Wife, Thefilm

1915Means and Moralsfilm

1915Misjudged Mr. Hartley, Thefilm

1915Return of Richard Neal, Thefilm

1915Rule Sixty-Threefilm

1915Sky Hunters, Thefilm

1915Slim Princess, Thefilm

1915Stars Their Courses Changefilm

1915Surgeon Warren's Wardfilm

1915Surprise of My Life, Thefilm

1915The Greater Couragefilm

1915The Profligatefilm

1915The Scapegoatfilm

1915The Strength of the Weakfilm

1915The Woman Haterfilm

1915Third Hand Highfilm

1915Thirteen Downfilm

1915Tides That Meetfilm

1915When the Fates Spinfilm

1915Wood Nymph, Thefilm

1914Any Woman's Choicefilm

1914Ashes of Hopefilm

1914Beyond Youth's Paradisefilm

1914Bill's Boyfilm

1914Blind Man's Blufffilm

1914Blood Will Tellfilm

1914Chains of Bondagefilm

1914Chasm, Thefilm

1914Clash of Virtues, Afilm

1914Conqueror, Thefilm

1914Devil's Signature, Thefilm

1914Elder Brother, Thefilm

1914Every Inch a Kingfilm

1914Fulfillment, Thefilm

1914Gentleman of Leisure, Afilm

1914Greater Love, Thefilm

1914Grip of Circumstance, Thefilm

1914Hear No Evilfilm

1914Hearts and Flowersfilm

1914His Dearest Foesfilm

1914Hour and the Man, Thefilm

1914In Real Lifefilm

1914In the Moon's Rayfilm

1914Loose Change of Chance, Thefilm

1914Love's Magnetfilm

1914Man for A' That, Thefilm

1914Masked Wrestler, Thefilm

1914Mongrel and Masterfilm

1914Mother o' Dreamsfilm

1914Mrs. Billington's First Casefilm

1914Mystery of Room 643, Thefilm

1914Nearly Marriedfilm

1914Night with a Million, Afilm

1914One Wonderful Nightfilm

1914Place, the Time and the Man, Thefilm

1914Price of His Honor, Thefilm

1914Scars of Possessionfilm

1914Seventh Prelude, Thefilm


1914Song in the Dark, Thefilm

1914Sparks of Fatefilm

1914Splendid Dishonor, Afilm

1914Stopping the Limitedfilm

1914Three Scratch Clue, Thefilm

1914Trinkets of Tragedyfilm

1914Two Men Who Waitedfilm

1914Under Royal Patronagefilm

1914Uneven Balance, Thefilm

1914Verdict, Thefilm

1914Voice in the Wilderness, Thefilm

1914Volunteer Burglar, Thefilm

1914Way of His Father, Thefilm

1914Way of the Woman, Thefilm

1914Whatsoever a Woman Sowethfilm

1914Within Three Hundred Pagesfilm

1913Autumn Lovefilm

1913Billy McGrath on Broadwayfilm

1913Bottle of Musk, Afilm

1913Bread Upon the Watersfilm

1913Broken Heart, Thefilm

1913Divided House, Thefilm

1913Forbidden Way, Thefilm

1913In Convict Garbfilm


1913Laird of McGillicuddy, Thefilm

1913Let No Man Put Asunderfilm

1913Lost Chord, Thefilm

1913Love Theft, Thefilm

1913Man Outside, Thefilm

1913Melburn Confession, Thefilm

1913Mysterious Stranger, Thefilm

1913Old, Old Song, Anfilm

1913Power of Conscience, Thefilm

1913Price of Gold, Thefilm

1913Spy's Defeat, Thefilm

1913Stone the Womanfilm

1913Swag of Destiny, Thefilm

1913The Thirteenth Manfilm

1913Two Social Callsfilm

1913Unburied Past, Thefilm

1913When Soul Meets Soulfilm

1913Wolf Among Lambs, Afilm

1912Alias Billy Sargentfilm

1912At the End of the Trailfilm

1912Brother's Error, Afilm


1912Cupid's Quartettefilm

1912Detective Dorothyfilm

1912Eye That Never Sleeps, Thefilm

1912From the Submergedfilm

1912Giuseppe's Good Fortunefilm

1912Her Boysfilm

1912In Quarantinefilm

1912Letter, Thefilm

1912Little Black Box, Thefilm

1912Lonesome Robertfilm

1912Mail Order Wife, Thefilm

1912Melody of Love, Thefilm

1912Miss Simkins' Summer Boarderfilm

1912Napatia, the Greek Singerfilm

1912New Church Organ, Thefilm

1912Old Florist, Thefilm

1912Out of the Depthsfilm

1912Signal Lightsfilm


1912The Cat's Pawfilm

1912The End of the Feudfilm

1912The House of Pridefilm

1912The Shadow of the Crossfilm

1912The Stainfilm

1912The Turning Pointfilm

1912The Voice of Consciencefilm

1912Tracked Downfilm

1912Virtue of Rags, Thefilm

1912White Rosesfilm

1911Burglarized Burglar, Thefilm

1911Dark Romance of a Tobacco Tin, Thefilm

1911Dr. Bill's Patientfilm

1911False Suspicion, Afilm

1911He Fought for the

1911Long Strike, Thefilm

1911Madman, Thefilm

1911New Manager, Thefilm


1911Saved from the Torrentsfilm

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