Tom Kennedy (1885 - 1965)

Tom Kennedy, Actor: The Adventurous Blonde. Once a boxer, brawny character actor Tom Kennedy began his film career early in the silent era. He frequently played big, dumb, likable, working-class types, such as in The Case of the Stuttering Bishop (1937). He also worked with W.C. Fields, The Marx Brothers, and Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in a career that lasted until his death at the age of...

New York City, New York, USA
(80 let) Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Tom Kennedy oblíbené filmy

88 Někdo to rád horké
Někdo to rád horké
97 Stage Door Canteen
Stage Door Canteen
78 To je ale bláznivý svět
To je ale bláznivý svět
A Letter for Evie
A Letter for Evie
75 Mighty Joe Young
Mighty Joe Young

1965The Bounty Killerfilm

1963To je ale bláznivý světfilm

1960Walk Like a Dragonfilm

1959Někdo to rád horkéfilm

1959Say One for Mefilm

1958Once Upon a

1958Revolt in the Big Housefilm

1957Man of a Thousand Facesfilm

1957Public Pigeon No. Onefilm

1957Slaughter on Tenth Avenuefilm

1955Botsford's Beaneryfilm

1953Loose Lootfilm


1952Gold Feverfilm

1952Hold That Linefilm


1952Road Agentfilm

1951'Fraidy Catfilm

1951Awful Sleuth, Thefilm

1951From Rogues to Richesfilm

1951Havana Rosefilm

1951Let's Go Navy!film


1951Pleasure Treasurefilm

1951The Scarffilm

1950Blonde Dynamitefilm

1950Border Rangersfilm

1950Cesta k úspěchufilm

1950Jiggs and Maggie Out Westfilm

1950Triple Troublefilm

1949Fighting Foolsfilm

1949Jiggs and Maggie in Jackpot Jittersfilm

1949Mighty Joe Youngfilm

1949Square Dance Jubileefilm

1949The Mutineersfilm

1949Two Knights from Brooklyna.z.

1948Bledá tvářfilm

1948Devil's Cargofilm

1948Jiggs and Maggie in Courtfilm

1948Jinx Moneyfilm

1948Joe Palooka in Winner Take Allfilm

1948Thunder in the Pinesfilm

1948Trouble Preferredfilm

1948Žijí v nocifilm

1947Dangerous Yearsfilm

1947Magic Townfilm

1947The Burning Crossfilm

1947The Case of the Baby Sitterfilm

1947The Hat Box Mysteryfilm

1947The Judge Steps Outfilm

1947The Mighty McGurkfilm

1947The Pretenderfilm

1946A Letter for Eviefilm

1946Blonde Alibifilm

1946Bringing Up Fatherfilm

1946Chlapec z Brooklynufilm

1946It Shouldn't Happen to a Dogfilm

1946Society Mugsfilm

1945Boston Blackie's Rendezvousfilm

1945It Shouldn't Happen to a Dogfilm

1945Man Alivefilm

1945Rough, Tough and Readyfilm

1945The Man Who Walked Alonefilm

1945The Spanish Mainfilm

1945Voice of the Whistlerfilm

1944And the Angels Singfilm

1944Girl in the Casefilm

1944Girls! Girls! Girls!film

1944Love Your Landlordfilm

1944Moonlight and Cactusfilm

1944Once Upon a Timefilm

1944Practically Yoursfilm

1944Princezna a pirátfilm

1944Radio Rampagefilm

1944Rosie the Riveterfilm

1944Take It Bigfilm

1944The Town Went Wildfilm

1943Campus Rhythmfilm

1943Cutie on Dutyfilm


1943Dixie Duganfilm

1943Here Comes Elmerfilm

1943Hit Parade of 1943film

1943Is Everybody Happy?film

1943Ladies' Dayfilm

1943O, My Darling Clementinefilm

1943Petticoat Larcenyfilm

1943Riding Highfilm

1943So's Your Unclefilm

1943Stage Door Canteenfilm

1943Taxi, Misterfilm

1943The Adventures of a Rookiefilm

1943True to Lifefilm

1943Wedtime Storiesfilm

1942Blondie's Blessed Eventfilm


1942Butch Minds the Babyfilm

1942Hold 'Em Jailfilm

1942Mexican Spitfire's Elephantfilm

1942Pardon My Stripesfilm

1942Phoney Croniesfilm

1942Pretty Dollyfilm


1941Angels with Broken Wingsfilm

1941Blitz Kiss, Thefilm

1941Footlight Feverfilm

1941Great Swindle, Thefilm

1941Ready, Willing But Unablefilm

1941Sailors on Leavefilm

1941Sweet Spirits of Nighterfilm

1941The Mexican Spitfire's Babyfilm

1941The Officer and the Ladyfilm

1941Thieves Fall Outfilm

1941Yankee Doodle Andyfilm

1940An Angel from Texasfilm

1940Curtain Callfilm

1940Flowing Goldfilm

1940Mexican Spitfire Out Westfilm

1940Millionaire Playboyfilm

1940Pop Always Paysfilm

1940Remember the Nightfilm

1940Sporting Bloodfilm

1939Grand Jury Secretsfilm

1939Long Shotfilm

1939Pardon Our Nervefilm

1939Quiet, Pleasefilm

1939Society Lawyerfilm

1939The Covered Trailerfilm

1939The Day the Bookies Weptfilm

1939These Glamour Girlsfilm

1939Torchy Blane in Chinatownfilm

1939Torchy Blane... Playing with Dynamitefilm

1939Torchy Runs for Mayorfilm

1938A Criminal Is Bornfilm

1938Blondes at Workfilm

1938Crashing Hollywoodfilm

1938Crime Ringfilm

1938Danger on the Airfilm

1938Fiddling Aroundfilm

1938Go Chase Yourselffilm

1938Half-way to Hollywoodfilm

1938He Couldn't Say Nofilm

1938Making the Headlinesfilm

1938Swing It, Sailor!film

1938Torchy Blane in Panamafilm

1938Torchy Gets Her Manfilm

1937Armored Carfilm

1937Behind the Headlinesfilm

1937Bury the Hatchetfilm

1937Calling All Curtainsfilm

1937Fly Away Babyfilm

1937Forty Naughty Girlsfilm

1937Living on Lovefilm

1937Married Before Breakfastfilm

1937Marry the Girlfilm

1937New Newsfilm

1937Poslední otrokářfilm

1937She Had to Eatfilm

1937Smart Blondefilm

1937The Adventurous Blondefilm

1937The Big Shotfilm

1937The Case of the Stuttering Bishopfilm

1937There Goes My Girlfilm

1937Varsity Showfilm

1937When's Your Birthday?film

1937Wise Girlfilm


1936Bulldog Editionfilm

1936Fight is Rightfilm

1936Free Rentfilm

1936Grandma's Buoysfilm

1936Hollywood Boulevardfilm

1936Just Speedingfilm

1936Midnight Blundersfilm


1936The Big Gamefilm

1936The Country Doctorfilm

1936The Return of Sophie Langfilm

1936Ticket to Paradisefilm

1936Wives Never Knowfilm

1935Alibi Bye Byefilm

1935Bright Lightsfilm

1935Gobs of Troublefilm

1935Gum Shoesfilm

1935Oh, My Nervesfilm

1935Old Man Rhythmfilm

1935She Couldn't Take Itfilm

1935Sock Me to Sleepfilm

1935Stage Frightsfilm

1935The Bride Comes Homefilm

1934Circus Hoodoofilm

1934Derby Decadefilm

1934Down to Their Last Yachtfilm

1934Hollywood Partyfilm

1934In the Devildog Housefilm

1934Odor in the Courtfilm

1934Strictly Dynamitefilm

1934Strictly Fresh Yeggsfilm

1934The Dancing Millionairefilm

193342. ulicefilm

1933Blondie Johnsonfilm


1933Cross Firefilm

1933Day of Reckoningfilm

1933Křivdila mufilm

1933Lawyer Manfilm

1933Man of the Forestfilm


1933Song of the Eaglefilm

1932Charlie Chan's Chancefilm

1932Fish Feathersfilm


1932If I Had a Millionfilm

1932Lady and Gentfilm

1932Lighthouse Lovefilm

1932Madison Sq. Gardenfilm

1932Night After Nightfilm

1932Pack Up Your Troublesfilm

1932Skyscraper Soulsfilm

1932The Boudoir Butlerfilm

1932The Crooked Circlefilm

1932The Devil Is Drivingfilm

1932The Promoterfilm

1932Uptown New Yorkfilm

1931Arabian Knightsfilm


1931Flying Highfilm

1931Here's Luckfilm

1931Iron Manfilm

1931It Happened in Hollywoodfilm

1931It Pays to Advertisefilm

1931Let's Playfilm

1931New Adventures of Get Rich Quick Wallingfordfilm


1931Sit Tightfilm

1931Slow Poisonfilm

1931Tenorio del harem, Elfilm

1931The Gang Busterfilm

1931Young as You Feelfilm

1930Polished Ivoryfilm

1930Razored in Old Kentuckyfilm

1930See America Thirstfilm

1930The Big Housefilm

1930The Fall Guyfilm

1929Big Newsfilm

1929Glad Rag Dollfilm

1929Happy Daysfilm


1929Post Mortemfilm

1929Shannons of Broadway, Thefilm

1929The Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic Cityfilm

1928Hold 'Em Yalefilm

1928Love Over Nightfilm

1928Marked Moneyfilm

1928None But the Bravefilm

1928The Copfilm

1928Tillie's Punctured Romancefilm

1928Wife Saversfilm

1927Alias the Deaconfilm

1927Fireman, Save My Childfilm

1927Ham and Eggs at the Frontfilm

1927One-Round Hoganfilm


1927Silver Valleyfilm

1927The Mysterious Riderfilm

1926Behind the Frontfilm

1926Better 'Ole, Thefilm

1926Born to the Westfilm

1926Man of the Forestfilm


1926Sir Lumberjackfilm

1926The Yankee Señorfilm

1926We're in the Navy Nowfilm

1925As Man Desiresfilm

1925High and Handsomefilm

1925The Best Bad Manfilm

1925The Fearless Loverfilm

1924Loving Liesfilm

1924Madonna of the Streetsfilm

1923No Luckfilm


1923With Naked Fistsfilm

1922Afraid to Fightfilm

1922Egg, Thefilm

1922If You Believe It, It's Sofilm

1922Kindred of the Dustfilm

1922Our Leading Citizenfilm

1922The Anvil Chorusfilm

1922The Flaming Hourfilm

1922The Flirtfilm

1922The Speederfilm

1921Roaring Lions on Paradefilm



1921Sunless Sundayfilm

1921Twelve Hours to Livefilm

1920Hold Me Tightfilm


1920Pals and Petticoatsfilm

1920Ten Nights Without a Barroomfilm

1920The Poor Simpfilm

1919Back to Nature Girlsfilm

1919Cupid's Day Offfilm

1919East Lynne with Variationsfilm

1919Footlight Maidsfilm

1919Never Too Oldfilm

1919Schoolhouse Scandal, Afilm

1919The Island of Intriguefilm

1919Trying to Get Alongfilm

1919Yankee Doodle in Berlinfilm

1918A Tight Squeezefilm

1918A Waiter's Wasted Lifefilm

1918Hide and Seek Detectivesfilm

1918His Wife's Friendfilm

1918It's a Cinchfilm



1918Whose Little Wife Are You?film

1918Wild Women and Tame Lionsfilm

1917A Bedroom Blunderfilm

1917Are Waitresses Safe?film

1917Dodging His Doomfilm

1917Her Torpedoed Lovefilm

1917His Naughty Thoughtfilm

1917International Sneak, Anfilm

1917Maiden's Trust, Afilm

1917Taming Target Centerfilm

1917That Nightfilm

1917The Pullman Bridefilm


1917Two Crooksfilm

1917Whose Baby?film

1916A Modern Enoch Ardenfilm

1916Ambrose's Cup of Woefilm

1916Ambrose's Rapid Risefilm

1916Hearts and Sparksfilm

1916His Bitter Pillfilm

1916His Wild Oatsfilm

1916Nick of Time Baby, Thefilm

1916Oily Scoundrel, Anfilm

1916The Village Blacksmithfilm

1915Double Troublefilm

1915Fatty and the Broadway Starsfilm

1915The Lambfilm

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