Peter Whitney

Peter Whitney (1916 - 1972)

Peter Whitney, Actor: The Big Heat. The name may have you scratchin' your head a bit while searchin' for your nearby trivia book, but oh...that intimidating face is so familiar. Peter Whitney's over-powering frame, swarthy looks, bushy brows and maniacal look in his eye made him one of the most fearsome character actors to lump around in 40s, 50s and 60s film and TV. Born May 24, 1916 in New Jersey, Peter was of German ancestry and...

Long Branch, New Jersey, USA
(55 let) Santa Barbara, California, USA
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Peter Whitney oblíbené filmy

85 V žáru noci
V žáru noci
82 Konvoj do Murmanska
Konvoj do Murmanska
79 Velký zátah
Velký zátah
75 Balada o Cable Hogueovi
Balada o Cable Hogueovi
Gorilla at Large
Gorilla at Large
70 Poslední hranice
Poslední hranice

1970Balada o Cable Hogueovifilm

1969Ostře sledovaná bankafilm


1967V žáru nocifilm

1965Alibabův mečfilm

1962The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimmfilm

1960O'Conner's OceanTV film

1958Osamělý jezdec Buchananfilm

1957Domino Kidfilm

1956Great Day in the Morningfilm

1956Muž z del Riafilm

1956The Cruel Towerfilm

1955Poslední hranicefilm

1955Pronásledování na mořifilm

1954Day of Triumphfilm

1954Gorilla at Largefilm

1954The Black Dakotasfilm

1953All the Brothers Were Valiantfilm

1953The Great Sioux Uprisingfilm

1953Velký zátahfilm

1952Big Jim McLainfilm

1948Železná oponafilm

1947Northwest Outpostfilm

1947The Gangsterfilm


1946Blonde Alibifilm

1946Canyon Passagefilm

1946The Brute Manfilm

1946The Notorious Lone Wolffilm

1946Three Strangersfilm

1945Bring on the Girlsfilm

1945Hotel Berlinfilm

1945Murder, He Saysfilm

1944Pan Skeffingtonfilm

1943Konvoj do Murmanskafilm

1943Směr Tokiofilm

1942Busses Roarfilm

1942Reunion in Francefilm

1942Rio Ritafilm

1942Spy Shipfilm

1942Valley of the Sunfilm

1942Whistling in Dixiefilm

1941Blues in the Nightfilm

1941Nine Lives Are Not Enoughfilm


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