Philo McCullough (1893 - 1981)

San Bernardino, California, USA
(87 let) Burbank, California, USA
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Philo McCullough oblíbené filmy

87 Zpívání v dešti
Zpívání v dešti
74 Dům voskových figurín
Dům voskových figurín
79 Zátočina řeky
Zátočina řeky
83 Devils Doorway
Devils Doorway
84 Stateční kapitáni
Stateční kapitáni
73 Tichá dohoda
Tichá dohoda

1969Koně se také střílejífilm

1969Ostře sledovaná bankafilm

1969Tichá dohodafilm


1966Chamber of Horrorsfilm

1966Vysoká hra pro pravou dámufilm

1965Velké závodyfilm

1964Kisses for My Presidentfilm

1964Podzim Čejenůfilm

1961A Fever in the Bloodfilm

1960Heller in Pink Tightsfilm

1960Man on a Stringfilm

1959Hoši z Filadelfiefilm

1958Born Recklessfilm

1958The Last Hurrahfilm

1958Šerifem proti své vůlifilm

1957My Man Godfreyfilm

1957Přítel Joeyfilm

1957Shoot-Out at Medicine Bendfilm

1957Sundown - město pomstyfilm

1957The Night the World Exploded!film

1956A Day of Furyfilm

1956Anything Goesfilm


1956The Lone Rangerfilm

1955A Lawless Streetfilm

1955Lady Godiva of Coventryfilm

1955Sincerely Yoursfilm

1955Tall Man Ridingfilm

1955The McConnell Storyfilm

1955The Rawhide Yearsfilm

1955The Second Greatest Sexfilm

1955The Seven Little Foysfilm

1955The Spoilersfilm


1954Dawn at Socorrofilm


1954Drums Across the Riverfilm

1954Lucky Mefilm

1954Riding Shotgunfilm

1953Affair with a Strangerfilm

1953By the Light of the Silvery Moonfilm

1953Calamity Janefilm

1953Confidentially Conniefilm

1953Dům voskových figurínfilm


1953Law and Orderfilm

1953Small Town Girlfilm

1953System, Thefilm

1953The Caddyfilm

1953The Great Sioux Uprisingfilm

1953The Man Behind the Gunfilm

1953The Redhead from Wyomingfilm

1953Those Redheads from Seattlefilm

1952Cattle Townfilm

1952Has Anybody Seen My Gal?film

1952Horizons Westfilm

1952Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fairfilm

1952The Cimarron Kidfilm

1952The Raidersfilm

1952The Treasure of Lost Canyonfilm

1952The World in His Armsfilm

1952Washington Storyfilm

1952Young Man with Ideasfilm

1952Zpívání v deštifilm

1952Zátočina řekyfilm

1951Bedtime for Bonzofilm

1951Excuse My Dustfilm

1951Follow the Sunfilm

1951Inside Straightfilm

1951Lullaby of Broadwayfilm


1951The Enforcerfilm

1951The Great Carusofilm

1951Tomorrow Is Another Dayfilm

1951Week-End with Fatherfilm

1950Again... Pioneersfilm


1950Big Hangover, Thefilm

1950Devil's Doorwayfilm

1950Highway 301film


1950Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malonefilm

1950Nevěstin otecfilm

1950Please Believe Mefilm

1950Return of the Frontiersmanfilm

1950Stars in My Crownfilm

1950The Daughter of Rosie O'Gradyfilm

1950The Flame and the Arrowfilm

1949Any Number Can Playfilm

1949Flaxy Martinfilm


1949John Loves Maryfilm

1949Look for the Silver Liningfilm

1949Night Unto Nightfilm

1949One Last Flingfilm

1949Samson & Dalilafilm


1949The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bendfilm

1949The Fountainheadfilm

1949The Girl from Jones Beachfilm

1949The Story of Seabiscuitfilm

1949The Younger Brothersfilm

1948Always Togetherfilm

1948April Showersfilm

1948Silver Riverfilm

1948Smart Girls Don't Talkfilm

1948So You Want to Be a Detectivefilm

1948So You Want to Be a Gamblerfilm

1948Two Guys from Texasfilm



1947Life with Fatherfilm

1947Love and Learnfilm

1947My Wild Irish Rosefilm

1947Nora Prentissfilm


1947That Way with Womenfilm

1947The Unfaithfulfilm


1946Her Kind of Manfilm

1946Janie Gets Marriedfilm

1946Night and Dayfilm

1946Two Guys from Milwaukeefilm

1946Uloupený životfilm


1945Flame of Barbary Coastfilm

1945Saratoga Trunkfilm

1944Atlantic Cityfilm

1944Ať žije hrdina dobyvatelfilm

1944Goodnight, Sweetheartfilm

1944Her Primitive Manfilm

1944Jdi za chlapcifilm

1944Pan Skeffingtonfilm

1943Sweet Rosie O'Gradyfilm

1942Cadets on Paradefilm

1942Henry Aldrich, Editorfilm

1942Kid Glove Killerfilm

1941Bedtime Storyfilm

1941Love Crazyfilm

1941Meet Boston Blackiefilm

1941Robbers of the Rangefilm

1941They Dare Not Lovefilm

1941Záhadný pan Jordanfilm

1940Alice in Movielandfilm

1940Meet the Wildcatfilm

1940Rangers of Fortunefilm

1940The Apefilm

1940The Green Hornet Strikes Again!film

1939Andy Hardy Gets Spring Feverfilm

1939Kapitán Furyfilm

1939Město ztracenýchfilm

1939Pan Smith přicházífilm


1939The Man Who Daredfilm

1939Vzpoura ženfilm


1938I Am the Lawfilm

1938I Met My Love Againfilm

1938On the Great White Trailfilm

1938Opening Dayfilm

1938Smashing the Spy Ringfilm

1938Začalo to v Šanghajifilm

1937Blossoms on Broadwayfilm

1937Man in the Barn, Thefilm

1937On Such a Nightfilm

1937Stateční kapitánifilm

1937Texas Trailfilm

1937The Man Who Cried Wolffilm

1937The Women Men Marryfilm

1936A Son Comes Homefilm

1936Born to Fightfilm

1936High Tensionfilm

1936Klondike Anniefilm

1936Lawless Nineties, Thefilm

1936Mad Holidayfilm


1936The Adventures of Frank Merriwellfilm

1936The Broken Coinfilm

1936The Crime of Dr. Forbesfilm

1936The Preview Murder Mysteryfilm

1936Velký Billfilm

1935Annie Oakleyfilm

1935Born to Gamblefilm


1935Captured in Chinatownfilm

1935Chinatown Squadfilm

1935Dobyvatel Indiefilm

1935Gun Smokefilm

1935Loser's Endfilm

1935Orchids to Youfilm

1935Rio Rattlerfilm



1935The Cactus Kidfilm

1935The Lone Banditfilm

1935Wanderer of the Wastelandfilm

1934Dostihy smrtifilm


1934I Hate Womenfilm

1934Inside Informationfilm

1934Mystery Mountainfilm

1934Now I'll Tellfilm

1934Outlaw's Highwayfilm

1934Pirate Treasurefilm

1934Ridin' Thrufilm

1934The Mighty Barnumfilm

1934The Vanishing Shadowfilm

1934The White Paradefilm

1934Thunder Over Texasfilm

1934Twisted Railsfilm

1934West on Paradefilm

1934Wheels of Destinyfilm

1933Blood Moneyfilm


1933Jedeme na Honolulufilm

1933Laughing at Lifefilm

1933Midnight Maryfilm

1933Tarzan the Fearlessfilm

1933The Constant Womanfilm

1933The Girl in 419film

1932Breach of Promisefilm

1932Heroes of the Westfilm

1932Jungle Mysteryfilm

1932Lidé v hotelufilm

1932South of the Rio Grandefilm

1932The Sunset Trailfilm

1932The Wet Paradefilm


1931Defenders of the Lawfilm

1931Sheer Luckfilm

1931Swanee Riverfilm

1931The Phantom of the Westfilm

1931The Road to Renofilm

1931The Sky Spiderfilm

1931The Vanishing Legionfilm

1931White Renegadefilm

1930On the Borderfilm


1929The Charlatanfilm

1929The Leatherneckfilm

1929The Million Dollar Collarfilm

1929The Show of Showsfilm

1929Untamed Justicefilm

1928Clearing the Trailfilm

1928Lilac Timefilm

1928Painted Postfilm

1928South of Panamafilm

1928The Apachefilm

1928The Night Flyerfilm

1928The Power of the Pressfilm

1928Warming Upfilm

1927Easy Pickingsfilm

1927Life in Hollywood No. 7film

1927Silver Valleyfilm

1927Smile, Brother, Smilefilm

1927The Woman Who Did Not Carefilm

1927We're All Gamblersfilm

1926Arizona Sweepstakesfilm

1926Chip of the Flying Ufilm

1926Everybody's Actingfilm

1926Ladies at Playfilm


1926Savage, Thefilm

1926The Bar-C Mysteryfilm

1926The Devil's Partnerfilm

1925Blue Bloodfilm

1925Dick Turpinfilm

1925Faint Perfumefilm

1925Lorraine of the Lionsfilm

1925The Boomerangfilm

1925The Calgary Stampedefilm

1925The Mansion of Aching Heartsfilm

1925Winds of Chancefilm

1924Dangerous Blonde, Thefilm

1924Daughters of Todayfilm

1924Great Diamond Mysteryfilm

1924Hook and Ladderfilm

1924Ladies to Boardfilm

1924Racing for Lifefilm

1924The Chorus Ladyfilm

1924The Judgment of the Stormfilm

1924The Slanderersfilm

1924Wife of the Centaur, Thefilm

1923Forgive and Forgetfilm

1923Fourth Musketeer, Thefilm

1923The First Degreefilm

1923The Man Betweenfilm


1923Trimmed in Scarletfilm

1923Yesterday's Wifefilm

1922A Dangerous Adventurefilm

1922A World of Follyfilm

1922Calvert's Valleyfilm

1922Heroes of the Streetfilm

1922Married Flapper, Thefilm

1922More to Be Pitied Than Scornedfilm

1922Right That Failed, Thefilm

1922Seeing's Believingfilm

1922Strange Idolsfilm

1922The Strangers' Banquetfilm

1922West of Chicagofilm

1921Lamplighter, Thefilm

1921Partners of Fatefilm

1921The Blushing Bridefilm

1921The Primal Lawfilm

1920A Splendid Hazardfilm

1920Flame of Youthfilm

1920In the Heart of a Foolfilm

1920The Great Accidentfilm

1920The Little Grey Mousefilm

1920The Scofferfilm

1920The Untamedfilm


1919Gay Lord Quex, Thefilm

1919Happy Though Marriedfilm


1919Lord and Lady Algyfilm

1919Market of Souls, Thefilm

1919Soldiers of Fortunefilm

1919Spotlight Sadiefilm

1918A Rich Man's Darlingfilm

1918Modern Lovefilm


1918Sold for Goldfilm

1918The Dream Ladyfilm

1918The Girl Who Wouldn't Quitfilm

1918The Goatfilm

1918The Legion of Deathfilm

1918The Price of Follyfilm

1917Secret of Black Mountain, Thefilm

1917The Neglected Wifefilm

1917Vengeance of the Deadfilm

1916Pay Dirtfilm

1916Power of Evil, Thefilm


1915Neal of the Navyfilm

1915Straws in the Windfilm

1915The Adventures of a Madcapfilm

1915The Jest of Jealousyfilm

1915The Red Circlefilm

1915The Rim of the Desertfilm

1915The Toilers of the Seafilm

1915Today and Tomorrowfilm

1915Who Pays?film

1915Woman's Wiles, Afilm

1914Squatter, Thefilm

1914The Livid Flamefilm

1914The Squattersfilm

1914Unto the Third and Fourth Generationfilm

1914While Wifey Is Awayfilm

1914Who Killed George Graves?film

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