Ross Martin (1920 - 1981)

Ross Martin, Actor: The Wild Wild West. Born in Grodek, Poland, Ross Martin grew up on New York City's Lower East Side. He spoke Yiddish, Polish, and Russian before even learning English and later added French, Spanish, and Italian to his amazing repertoire. Despite academic training (and receiving honors in) business, instruction, and law, M. Martin chose a career of acting. His first film was the George Pal production Conquest of Space...

Gródek, Lwowskie, Polsko
(61 let) Ramona, California, USA
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77 Velké závody
Velké závody
65 Geronimo
68 Conquest of Space
Conquest of Space
The Return of Charlie Chan
The Return of Charlie Chan
The Return of Mod Squad
The Return of Mod Squad
Underwater Warrior
Underwater Warrior

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1973Return of Charlie Chan, TheTV film

1972Pokřivená srdceTV film

1971Columbo: Prázdný rámTV film

1971ŠerifTV film

1965The Man from Button Willowfilm

1965Velké závodyfilm

1963Ceremony, Thefilm

1962Experiment in Terrorfilm


1962Icarus Montgolfier Wrightfilm

1958Colossus of New York, Thefilm

1958Underwater Warriorfilm

1955Conquest of Spacefilm

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