Mary Boland (1880 - 1965)

Mary Boland, Actress: The Women. Lively, buxom character actress Mary Boland made a name for herself playing vacuous or pixillated motherly types during the 1930's. One of her most memorable performances was as the addle-brained Mrs. Rimplegar of Three Cornered Moon (1933), who gives away her family fortune to a swindler because he seemed like 'such a nice young man'. She also made a series of popular homespun comedies under ...

Filadelfie, Pennsylvania, USA
(85 let) New York City, New York, USA
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67 Pýcha a předsudek
Pýcha a předsudek
Down to Their Last Yacht
Down to Their Last Yacht
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Julia Misbehaves
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He Married His Wife
70 The Women
The Women
In Our Time
In Our Time

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