Leatrice Joy (1893 - 1985)

Leatrice Joy, Actress: The Love Trader. Making her film debut as an extra in 1917, Leatrice Joy soon graduated to playing opposite comics Billy West and Oliver Hardy. Director Cecil B. DeMille took her under his wing and starred her in several of his films. Often playing career girls dressed in mannish suits, or sophisticated society girls, she is generally credited with starting the ...

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
(91 let) Riverdale, New York, USA
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75 Desatero přikázání
Desatero přikázání
First Love
First Love
55 Hollywood
Air Hostess
Air Hostess
Red Stallion in the Rockies
Red Stallion in the Rockies

1951Love Nestfilm

1949Air Hostessfilm

1949Red Stallion in the Rockiesfilm

1940The Old Swimmin' Holefilm

1939First Lovefilm

1930The Love Traderfilm

1929A Most Immoral Ladyfilm

1929Bellamy Trialfilm

1929Strong Boyfilm

1928Man-Made Womenfilm

1928Slečna Peggy v pokušenífilm

1928The Blue Danubefilm

1928Tropic Madnessfilm

1927Girl in the Rainfilm

1927Nobody's Widowfilm

1927The Angel of Broadwayfilm


1926Eve's Leavesfilm

1926For Alimony Onlyfilm

1926Made for Lovefilm

1926The Clinging Vinefilm

1925Hell's Highroadfilm

1925The Dressmaker from Parisfilm

1925The Wedding Songfilm

1924Changing Husbandsfilm

1924The Marriage Cheatfilm


1923Desatero přikázánífilm


1923Java Headfilm

1923Silent Partner, Thefilm

1923You Can't Fool Your Wifefilm

1922Bachelor Daddy, Thefilm



1922Saturday Nightfilm

1922The Man Who Saw Tomorrowfilm

1921A Tale of Two Worldsfilm

1921Bunty Pulls the Stringsfilm

1921Ladies Must Livefilm

1921The Ace of Heartsfilm

1921The Poverty of Richesfilm

1921Voices of the Cityfilm

1920Blind Youthfilm

1920Down Homefilm

1920Just a Wifefilm

1920Smiling All the Wayfilm

1920The Invisible Divorcefilm

1920The Right of Wayfilm

1919The Man Hunterfilm

1919Water Lily, Thefilm

1918City of Tears, Thefilm

1918Handy Man, Thefilm

1918Her Manfilm

1918His Day Outfilm

1918Messenger, Thefilm

1918One Dollar Bidfilm

1918Orderly, Thefilm

1918Scholar, Thefilm


1918The Strangerfilm

1918Three X Gordonfilm


1917Auto Intoxicationfilm

1917Candy Kid, Thefilm

1917Getting the Evidencefilm

1917Girl's Folly, Afilm

1917Her Fractured Voicefilm

1917Her Iron Willfilm

1917Her Scrambled Ambitionfilm

1917Magic Vest, Thefilm

1917Nearly a Bakerfilm

1917Rejuvenator, Thefilm

1917Society Scrimmage, Afilm


1917Susie Slips One Overfilm

1917Susie of the Folliesfilm

1917Susie the Sleepwalkerfilm

1917Susie's Schemefilm

1917The Pride of the Clanfilm

1917The Slavefilm

1917Window Dresser's Dream, Thefilm

1917Wishbone, Thefilm

1917Wits and Fitsfilm

1916Folly of Revenge, Thefilm

1916The Other Manfilm

1916Their Counterfeit Vacationfilm

1916Troublesome Trip, Afilm

1915His Turning Pointfilm

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