Lewis D. Collins (1899 - 1954)

Lewis D. Collins, Director: Reformatory. Baltimore-born Lewis D. Collins got his start in show business as a stage and theater director. He moved to Hollywood in the mid-1920s, securing work as a writer and director of two-reelers. Collins was one of the more prolific American directors, up there with Sam Newfield, Lew Landers and William Beaudine, and was more like Newfield in that he churned out dozens of westerns--even helming some ...

Baltimore, Maryland, USA
(55 let) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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The Scarlet Horseman
The Scarlet Horseman
The Master Key
The Master Key
Kansas Territory
Kansas Territory
Cherokee Uprising
Cherokee Uprising
Junior G-Men of the Air
Junior G-Men of the Air
Nevada Badmen
Nevada Badmen

1956Jungle Safarifilm

1954Two Guns and a Badgefilm

1953Texas Bad Manfilm

1953The Homesteadersfilm

1953The Marksmanfilm

1953Vigilante Terrorfilm

1952Canyon Ambushfilm

1952Dead Man's Trailfilm


1952Gunman, Thefilm

1952Kansas Territoryfilm

1952Montana Incidentfilm

1952Texas Cityfilm


1952Wild Stallionfilm

1951Abilene Trailfilm

1951Canyon Raidersfilm

1951Colorado Ambushfilm

1951Lawless Cowboysfilm

1951Man From Sonorafilm

1951Nevada Badmenfilm

1951Oklahoma Justicefilm

1951Stage to Blue Riverfilm

1951Stagecoach Driverfilm

1951Texas Lawmenfilm

1951The Longhornfilm

1950Cherokee Uprisingfilm

1950Hot Rodfilm

1950Last Datefilm

1950Law of the Panhandlefilm

1949Cowboy and the Prizefighterfilm

1949Ride, Ryder, Ride!film

1949Roll, Thunder, Roll!film

1949The Fighting Redheadfilm

1948Jungle Goddessfilm

1947Heading for Heavenfilm

1947Killer Dillfilm

1946Cuban Madnessfilm

1946Danger Womanfilm

1946Lost City of the Junglefilm

1946Name Band Musical: Cuban Madnessfilm

1946The Mysterious Mr. Mfilm

1946The Scarlet Horsemanfilm

1945Jungle Queenfilm

1945Secret Agent X-9film

1945The Master Keyfilm

1945The Royal Mounted Rides Againfilm

1944Artistry in Rhythmfilm

1944Mystery of the River Boatfilm

1944Oklahoma Raidersfilm

1944Raiders of Ghost Cityfilm

1944Sweethearts of the U.S.A.film

1944The Great Alaskan Mysteryfilm

1944The Old Texas Trailfilm

1944Trigger Trailfilm

1943Adventures of the Flying Cadetsfilm

1943Don Winslow of the Coast Guardfilm

1943Raiders of San Joaquinfilm

1943Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Groundfilm

1943The Adventures of Smilin' Jackfilm

1942Danger in the Pacificfilm

1942Junior G-Men of the Airfilm

1942Little Joe, the Wranglerfilm

1941Borrowed Herofilm

1941Great Swindle, Thefilm

1940Fugitive From a Prison Campfilm

1940Outside the Three-Mile Limitfilm

1940Passport to Alcatrazfilm

1940The Great Plane Robberyfilm

1939Fugitive at Largefilm

1939Hidden Powerfilm

1939Trapped in the Skyfilm

1939Whispering Enemiesfilm

1938Crime Takes a Holidayfilm

1938Flight Into Nowherefilm

1938Making the Headlinesfilm


1938Strange Case of Dr. Meadefilm

1937The Mighty Trevefilm

1937The Wildcatterfilm

1937Trapped by G-Menfilm

1937Under Suspicionfilm

1936Doughnuts and Societyfilm

1936Down to the Seafilm

1936Fury and the Womanfilm

1936The Leavenworth Casefilm

1936The Return of Jimmy Valentinefilm

1935Cesta pouštífilm

1935Make a Millionfilm

1935Manhattan Butterflyfilm

1935The Hoosier Schoolmasterfilm

1935The Spanish Cape Mysteryfilm

1934Public Stenographerfilm

1934Sing Sing Nightsfilm

1934The Brand of Hatefilm

1934The Man from Hellfilm

1934Ticket to a Crimefilm

1933Gun Lawfilm

1933Ship of Wanted Menfilm


1933Trouble Bustersfilm

1933Via Pony Expressfilm

1932Guns for Hirefilm

1931Law of the Tongfilm

1930Young Desirefilm

1928Riding Goldfilm

1927Red Warningfilm

1922The Ableminded Ladyfilm

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