Victor Buono (1938 - 1982)

Victor Buono, Actor: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?. Larger than life, Laughtonesque, and with an eloquent, king-sized appetite for maniacal merriment, a good portion of the work of actor Victor Buono was squandered on hokey villainy on both film and television. Ostensibly perceived as bizarre or demented, seldom did Hollywood give this cultivated cut-up the opportunity to rise above the deliciously hammy arrogance that flowed through so many of his...

San Diego, California, USA
(43 let) Apple Valley, California, USA
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85 Co se vlastně stalo s Baby Jane?
Co se vlastně stalo s Baby Jane?
55 Do nitra Planety opic
Do nitra Planety opic
60 Boot Hill
Boot Hill
78 Robin a 7 maskovaných
Robin a 7 maskovaných
69 Největší příběh všech dob
Největší příběh všech dob
75 Drahý zesnulý
Drahý zesnulý

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1972The Wrath of Godfilm

1971Strangolatore di Vienna, Lofilm

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1971Uomo dagli occhi di ghiaccio, L'film

1970Do nitra Planety opicfilm


1969Big Daddyfilm

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1968Legend of Robin Hood, TheTV film

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1962Co se vlastně stalo s Baby Jane?film

1960The Story of Ruthfilm

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