Dick Wessel (1913 - 1965)

Dick Wessel, Actor: Dick Tracy vs. Cueball. Rough-and-tumble American actor Dick Wessel had a fierce-looking scowl on a bulldog of a mug. That, coupled with a thick build and imposing stance, earned him appearances in countless Warner Bros. comedies and hard-boiled crime dramas throughout the late 1930s and 1940s. Although he made hundreds of films, he had few chances to show off, appearing uncredited in over half of them and in minor, ...

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
(52 let) Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Dick Wessel oblíbené filmy

69 Páni mají radši blondýnky
Páni mají radši blondýnky
86 Byl jsem lynčován
Byl jsem lynčován
80 Rebel bez příčiny
Rebel bez příčiny
82 Konvoj do Murmanska
Konvoj do Murmanska
74 Cesta kolem světa za 80 dní
Cesta kolem světa za 80 dní
84 Cizinci ve vlaku
Cizinci ve vlaku

1966Lost Island of KiogaTV film

1966Ugly Dachshund, Thefilm

1963Who's Minding the Store?film

1963Wives and Loversfilm

1961All in a Night's Workfilm

1961Plná kapsa zázrakůfilm


1958No Time for Sergeantsfilm

1957Tricky Chicksfilm

1956Andy Goes Wildfilm

1956Cesta kolem světa za 80 dnífilm

1956The Desperados Are in Townfilm

1956The Lone Rangerfilm

1955Bowery to Bagdadfilm

1955Fling in the Ringa.z.

1955Francis in the Navyfilm

1955Rebel bez příčinyfilm

1955The Eternal Seafilm


1954Untamed Heiressfilm

1953Champ for a Dayfilm

1953Flight Nursefilm

1953Fresh Painterfilm

1953Let's Do It Againfilm

1953Páni mají radši blondýnkyfilm

1953The Caddyfilm

1953The Lawless Breedfilm

1952Because You're Minefilm

1952Blackbeard, the Piratefilm

1952Just for Youfilm

1952Love Is Better Than Everfilm

1952Ranč zločincůfilm

1952The Belle of New Yorkfilm

1952The WAC from Walla Wallafilm

1952Young Man with Ideasfilm

1951Američan v Pařížifilm

1951Cizinci ve vlakufilm

1951Corky of Gasoline Alleyfilm

1951Flying Leathernecksfilm

1951Francis Goes to the Racesfilm

1951Gasoline Alleyfilm

1951Her First Romancefilm



1951Reunion in Renofilm

1951Texas Carnivalfilm

1951The Barefoot Mailmanfilm

1951The Scarffilm

1951The Texas Rangersfilm

1951Trouble In-Lawsfilm

1950Beware of Blondiefilm

1950Blondie's Herofilm

1950Foy Meets Girlfilm

1950Frontier Outpostfilm

1950Groan and Gruntfilm


1950He's a Cockeyed Wonderfilm

1950His Baiting Beautyfilm

1950Key to the Cityfilm

1950Kill the Umpirefilm

1950Love That Brutefilm

1950Nevěstin otecfilm

1950Punchy Cowpunchersfilm

1950Put Some Money in the Potfilm

1950Příběh Jackieho Robinsonafilm

1950The Kid from Texasfilm

1950Wabash Avenuefilm

1950Watch the Birdiefilm

1949Bad Men of Tombstonefilm

1949Blondie Hits the Jackpotfilm

1949Canadian Pacificfilm

1949Láska s potížemifilm

1949Slattery's Hurricanefilm

1949The Green Promisefilm

1949Thieves' Highwayfilm


1949V píscích Iwo Šimyfilm

1949Ve městěfilm

1948A Southern Yankeefilm

1948Billie Gets Her Manfilm

1948Eight-Ball Andyfilm

1948Flat Featfilm

1948Good Samfilm


1948River Ladyfilm

1948The Babe Ruth Storyfilm

1948The Fuller Brush Manfilm

1948The Mating of Milliefilm

1948The Scarfilm

1948Two Nuts in a Rutfilm

1948Unknown Islandfilm

1948When My Baby Smiles at Mefilm

194713 Rue Madeleinefilm

1947Blondes Awayfilm

1947Blondie's Big Momentfilm

1947Do or Dietfilm

1947Fright Nightfilm

1947Hectic Honeymoonfilm

1947High Wallfilm

1947Hot Heirfilm

1947In Room 303film

1947It Happened in Brooklynfilm


1947Killer McCoyfilm

1947Living in a Big Wayfilm

1947Magic Townfilm

1947Merton of the Moviesfilm

1947Nervous Shakedownfilm

1947Radio Romeofilm

1947The Long Nightfilm

1947The Millerson Casefilm

1947Wife Tames Wolffilm

1947Wife to Sparefilm

1946Andy Plays Hookeyfilm

1946Black Angelfilm

1946Blonde Alibifilm

1946Dick Tracy vs. Cueballfilm

1946Gallant Bessfilm

1946In Fast Companyfilm

1946In Old Sacramentofilm

1946Little Miss Bigfilm

1946Pardon My Terrorfilm

1946Slappily Marriedfilm

1946Young Widowfilm


1945What Next, Corporal Hargrove?film

1945Šarlatová ulicefilm

1944Americká romancefilm

1943A Gentle Gangsterfilm

1943Assignment in Brittanyfilm

1943False Facesfilm

1943King of the Cowboysfilm

1943Konvoj do Murmanskafilm

1943Silver Spursfilm

1943Three Hearts for Juliafilm

1943Yanks Ahoy!film

1942About Facefilm

1942Bells of Capistranofilm

1942Brooklyn Orchidfilm

1942Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queenfilm

1942Fall Infilm

1942Friendly Enemiesfilm

1942Gentleman Jimfilm

1942Hay Footfilm

1942Highways by Nightfilm

1942Joe Smith, Americanfilm

1942Romance on the Rangefilm

1942Sunday Punchfilm

1942Sunset Serenadefilm

1942Tarzanovo newyorské dobrodružstvífilm

1942The Bugle Soundsfilm

1942The McGuerins from Brooklynfilm

1942The Traitor Withinfilm

1942X Marks the Spotfilm

1942Yankee Doodle Dandyfilm

1942You Can't Escape Foreverfilm

1941Dangerous Ladyfilm

1941Dangerously They Livefilm

1941Desert Banditfilm

1941Hloubkový bombardérfilm

1941Lidská sílafilm

1941Lucky Devilsfilm

1941Men of Boys Townfilm

1941Model Wifefilm

1941Navy Bluesfilm

1941Red River Valleyfilm

1941Sedmá kavalériefilm

1941Serenáda za úsměvfilm

1941Steel Against the Skyfilm

1941Tanks a Millionfilm

1941The Great Train Robberyfilm

1941The People vs. Dr. Kildarefilm

1941The Strawberry Blondefilm

1941You're in the Army Nowfilm

1940Brother Orchidfilm

1940Cafe Hostessfilm

1940Castle on the Hudsonfilm

1940City for Conquestfilm

1940Flight Commandfilm

1940Flowing Goldfilm


1940Jezdci nocifilm

1940Sandy Is a Ladyfilm

1940So You Won't Talkfilm

1940The Border Legionfilm

1940The Howards of Virginiafilm

1939An Hour for Lunchfilm

1939Blackwell's Islandfilm

1939Bouřlivá dvacátá létafilm

1939Dust Be My Destinyfilm

1939Hitler - Beast of Berlinfilm

1939I Stole a Millionfilm

1939Main Street Lawyerfilm

1939Missing Daughtersfilm

1939The Cowboy Quarterbackfilm

1939The Kid from Kokomofilm

1939They All Come Outfilm

1939They Made Me a Criminalfilm

1938A Slight Case of Murderfilm

1938Arson Gang Bustersfilm

1938Hawk of the Wildernessfilm

1938Hrdina dnefilm

1938Hříšní anděléfilm

1938Over the Wallfilm

1938Ponorky hrozífilm

1938Racket Bustersfilm

1938Yellow Jackfilm

1937Border Cafefilm

1937Borrowing Troublefilm

1937Prescription for Romancefilm

1937Round-Up Time in Texasfilm

1937San Quentinfilm


1937Submarine D-1film

1937The Game That Killsfilm

1937White Bondagefilm

1937Zbraň v rucefilm

1936Ace Drummondfilm

1936Byl jsem lynčovánfilm

1936Děvče z malého městafilm

1936Half-Shot Shootersfilm

1936The Adventures of Frank Merriwellfilm

1936The Gay Desperadofilm

1935Bonnie Scotlandfilm

1935Eight Bellsfilm

1935In Spite of Dangerfilm

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