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William Legue, Actor: Hamilton: Men inte om det gäller din dotter. William Legue is a former high profile soccer player who by an incident "slipped" into an acting career. Since his first appearance on screen in 2003 his versatility has been evidenced by the varied of films and roles he has undertaken e.g. Kniven i Hjärtat, 10 first episodes (season one) of Bron /The Bridge, Hamilton 2, Ettor och Nollor/The Fat & The Angry. His mixed background as well as ...

Göteborg, Göteborgs och Bohus län, Švédsko
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65 Hamilton: Pokud jde o vaši dceru
Hamilton: Pokud jde o vaši dceru
71 Happy End
Happy End
58 Případy Anniky Bengtzonové - Prime Time
Případy Anniky Bengtzonové - Prime Time
Johan Falk: Leo Gaut
Johan Falk: Leo Gaut

2012Hamilton: Pokud jde o vaši dcerufilm

2011Happy Endfilm

2011Případy Anniky Bengtzonové - Prime Timefilm

2009Johan Falk: Leo Gautfilm

2008Morgan Pålsson - Världsreporterfilm

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