Andrew Marton (1904 - 1992)

Andrew Marton, Assistant Director: Ben-Hur. Budapest-born Endre Marton began in the film industry as an editor and assistant director with Vita and Sascha Films in Vienna. Following a brief sojourn in Hollywood with Ernst Lubitsch in 1923, he returned to Germany, having being signed as chief editor by the Tobis company. He made his directorial debut with an independently produced British ...

Budapešť, Uhry, Rakousko-Uhersko
(87 let) Santa Monica, California, USA
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Andrew Marton oblíbené filmy

85 Nejdelší den
Nejdelší den
72 Boj o Řím I.
Boj o Řím I.
69 Šilhavý lev Clarence
Šilhavý lev Clarence
67 55 dní v Pekingu
55 dní v Pekingu
Gypsy Colt
Gypsy Colt
74 Doly krále Šalamouna
Doly krále Šalamouna

1969Boj o Řím

1968Boj o Řím

1967Afrika - V texaském stylufilm

1967Egy nap a paradicsombanfilm

1966Birds Do Itfilm

1966Podmořská cesta kolem světafilm

1965Crack in the Worldfilm

1965Šilhavý lev Clarencefilm

1964Thin Red Line, Thefilm

196355 dní v Pekingufilm

1962It Happened in Athensfilm

1962Nejdelší denfilm

1962Wa Islamahfilm

1958Underwater Warriorfilm

1954Green Firefilm

1954Gypsy Coltfilm

1954Men of the Fighting Ladyfilm

1954Prisoner of Warfilm

1952Storm Over Tibetfilm

1952The Devil Makes Threefilm

1952The Wild Northfilm

1950Doly krále Šalamounafilm

1946Gallant Bessfilm

1944Gentle Anniefilm

1940A Little Bit of Heavenfilm

1937School for Husbandsfilm

1936Secret of Stamboulfilm

1936Wolf's Clothingfilm

1935Dämon des Himalaya, Derfilm


1934Nordpol - Ahoi!film

1931Die Nacht ohne Pausefilm

1929Two O'Clock in the Morningfilm

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